The incoming Worlds Patch has a lot of potential buffs and nerfs coming from Riot’s Headquarters itself, with a lot of interesting changes. Now, these changes are still tentative, but they have been applied to the PBE. So, let’s go over some of the nerfs and buffs to specific champions that might affect the Worlds Meta.


Karma: Karma’s Q AP ratio is getting a huge nerf, as it’s being reduced from 60% to 40%. This is most likely due to the Karma bot lane that has been spammed in competitive play in the LEC. This will most likely bring more innovation to the Rift.

Yuumi: Yuumi’s Q slow percent is being flattened to a relaxed 20%. Not only that, but the slow duration is being shortened from 1.5 to 1 and the slow no longer decays. This is most likely players ease up against Yuumi support, as her oppressive nature and her slow allow for easy chases.

Sejuani: The Winter’s Wrath passive damage is being reduced from 10/15/20% of target’s max hp to just a regular 10%. Her competitive presence is quite strong, in all regions around the world. So, seeing her being nerfed will hopefully bring more interesting junglers into the mix.

Sylas: Sylas is being nerfed yet again, with his base armor being reduced from 32 to 25. His armor per level is also being reduced from 3 to 2.5. This is going to make him much more squishy, reducing his play making abilities. 


A whole slew of champions are being buffed, with a lot of changes to the top lane and jungle.

Sion: Sion’s W shield is being increased from 30-130 to 50-150 at max rank. This will make his laning much easier, especially early on. He will be able to survive and play a huge role in the late game. This also indirectly buffs his ability to utilize “Shield Bash.” At the first rank of Sion’s W, he can deal 1.7 more damage and can continuously proc it when it’s off cooldown. That’s a lot, especially when it comes down to trading. 

Fiora: Fiora got a whole arsenal of buffs, as her Q can now hit tower, plants, and wards, allowing her to take towers much faster and provides a lot of mobility. Her E2 can also crit on turrets, reinforcing her ability to split push and take towers a lot faster. 

Riven: Out of all the buffs, Riven seems to get the most. Her W ad ratio was increased from 100% to 130. Her R damage also is increased, from 100-200 (+60% ad) to 150-300 (+90% ad). This massive buff makes her, practically, an assassin that has the ability to delete squishy carries much faster than she already could. It’ll be interesting to see how top laners utilize these buffs, if at all, for the Exile. 

Xin Zhao: He was already seeing quite a bit of play already, but now he will have a lot more presence, especially in the mid to late game. His passive heal will be amped up from 8-59 to 10-78 and his Q damage will be increased at later ranks, going from 20-40 to 20-52. This will allow him to be a much better duelist, taking much favorable fights against closer match ups. 

Cassiopeia: Cassiopeia is getting a huge buff, most likely bringing her to a lot of mid laner’s champion pool. Her E empowered damage was increased from 10-90 to 20-100. This means she will be able to bully and fight enemy laners much harder. 

Vayne: Vayne’s R was interestingly buffed as well, as her AD increase went from 20-40 to 25-55, solidifying her prowess as the best late game ADC. Her fighting ability will allow for players to completely overrun their opponent with sheer brute strength. It’ll be interesting to see if she will become more favored to her counterpart, Kai’sa, who will be untouched in this patch.

Ashe: Ashe was also buffed, most likely to counter the Vayne buff if teams need it. Her Q now resets auto attacks, allowing for a much more fluid attack animation and will help her take longer fights. Her passive slow was also increased from 15-30% to 20-30%, also making longer fights much easier to conduct.

Now, it’s important to note that these changes are still tentative and are only live on the PBE servers. It’s likely that some of these changes will not go through. If some do, however, it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out for Worlds 2019. These are also not all the buffs and nerfs. To see them all, check this post by Mark Yetter.