Apex Legends: Emergence is only a week away from its debut and its gameplay trailer has shown off so much. First off in the official trailer for Emergence we get a glimpse of Worlds Edge in a new look. Now with the latest gameplay trailer, we see Worlds Edge is completely decimated. Let’s take a look at the trailer and break down what we know.

That trailer shows off so much in so little time and it has us stoked to jump into Decimated Worlds Edge. Areas like Train Yard, for example, have been completely reworked. Along with certain snow areas such as Refinery has now been covered in snow and changed. The same goes for areas where lava is present there are gondolas high above the molten liquid. You can take a look at all the changes here coming to the new Worlds Edge.

Apex Legends: Emergence Trailer - Bloodhound

Apex Legends: Emergence ‘Gameplay’ Trailer

Along with the new map, a new LMG known as Rampage is joining the Apex Games. The Emergence Battle Pass, ranked seasons, Emergence pack will also be added this season. In addition to squads ranked Arenas will also be available for ranked. Of course, we cannot forget the new legend Seer. Seer has the ability to track opponents. Seer uses a technology that resembles nano drones that can also create a sphere around Seer’s opponents. Schlüsseldienst Bremen are fans of games and don’t miss news on Twitch.

Apex Legends: Emergence kicks off on August 3rd and we get to see everything that we have been waiting for since teasers dropped for the new season.

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