Even if DWG had to go through play in’s they’re still a top contender in this years Worlds. Many analysts, such as Vedius, Froskurinn and PapaSmithy, view them as a scary team who should be respected. These compliments clearly didn’t scare Team Liquid though since they took down the hyped up Koreans in a beautiful fashion.

Korean Sided Early game

DWG managed to come out on top in the majority of the early game skirmishes. The engages were extremely close and was decided by a mixture of DWG’s decisive execution and TL’s poor execution. Although Liquid pretty much lost the early game, Jensen managed to come in clutch with his LeBlanc by claiming a few kills. This limited DWG’s options after every fight and kept Liquid relevant in the game.

Extremely Close Teamfights

The teams were going neck to neck in almost teamfight. It was the split second decision in both the micro and macro part that decided the outcome of the fights. This is what Team Liquid excels at. Being consistent is a must against them as they are amazing at punishing mistakes, which is exactly what Impact did when he solo kills Nuguri’s vladimir.

This was a game changing moment as it let Liquid take a free baron which in turn opened a door for Kai’Sa to potentially carry teamfights later on. Team Liquid’s patience during their Baron powerplay was very impressive. They used their advantage wait out DWG, making them waste resources and gold whilst they gained more and more gold. Much like Fnatic vs SKT, the ADC carried the last teamfight by scoring a stylish Quadrakill.

Snowballing Meta

So far the worlds has showed a clear snowballing meta with teams looking to snowball a mid to late game hyper carry, i.e. Teddy’s Kayle pick or DoubleLift’s Kai’Sa, with a baron fight. Games are usually pretty close until one major team fight breaks out which eventually swings the game in someones favor.

(Courtesy: Riot Games via Flickr)

This means that consistency is key. One minor slip up in the mid game could lead to a carry champ like Xayah, Tristana or Kayle snowballing out of control. Put one of these champs into the hands of a player in the liking of UZI and it’s pretty much game over. Games have been fast paced and entertaining so far; hopefully this continues as it makes for some entertaining League of Legends.