It was a long day of Day 3 at the League of Legends World Championship Play-In Stage. Major changes are happening in Group A and Group B as Team Mammoth and Team Detonation FocusMe get knocked out of play-ins. This means that both Japanese and Oceanic representatives are out. However, advancing through to the next stages will be Clutch Gaming, Unicorns of Love from Group A and Team Splyce and Isurus Gaming from Group B.

Group A:

Unicorns of Love Vs Clutch Gaming:

The day started out with a huge upset as Unicorns of Love toppling North America’s 3rd seed, Clutch Gaming. Unicorns of Love hold a large champion pool making them very entertaining to watch. As the first game of the day, they weren’t of showing their willingness to innovate, as they played a Heimerdinger and Fiddlestick bot lane along with a Kayle mid lane. Shocking both casters and fans, they went on to comfortably win the game through their oppressive composition.

However, with the first gaming racing across the fans’ mind, there was a cycle of upsets in Group A, having the games go like this: UoL > CG > Mammoth > UoL. This meant that at the end of the day the seed concluded with each team holding a score of 2-2. As a result of this, fans were treated to two more tie-breakers to see who would advance leaving team Mammoth dead in the air.

Group B:

Splyce Vs Detonation FocusMe:

As the second game of the day, the Japanese hope showed promise as they pulled one of the biggest upsets in the tournament so far. As if they were retelling the story of David and Goliath, Detonation FocusMe managed to take-down Team Splyce, a very prominent team in the EU.

But it wasn’t meant to be for the Japanese representatives getting kicked out so early on. Soon after, they proceeded to play the longest game of the tournament so far. Lasting for about 1 hour, Isurus Gaming came out on top and advanced to the next stage. But, in all honesty, can they really be proud of winning that game? It was filled with throws from both teams and god knows what ImLS would comment about both of their macro decisions.

Final Comments:

Overall, the game had got to a point where both teams had earned over 100k gold, with 5 dragons, 3 Elder dragons and a whopping total of 4 Barons taken. Although Detonation FocusMe is out of the running the macro displayed from Splyce Isurus Gaming might be foreshadowing that they will be the next to leave. Today’s games were long, hectic and full of upsets. I look forward to seeing more chaos on the Rift on Day 4.