Royal Youth vs DAMWON Gaming

The first game of the second day started off on an explosive note, as First Blood was picked up on Royal Youth’s Can “Closer” Çelik, when they pulled off a gank on DAMWON’s botlane, as Sin “Nuclear” Jeong-hyeon had blown his flash previously. However, things looked up for Korea’s third seed as they brought back the game with well orchestrated team fights. This made it much easier for DAMWON to lock in various objectives, and they ended up taking 2 Dragons by the 20 minute mark. Royal Youth played right into DAMWON’s hand, as they sealed off their game with a win. They ended the game with a cumulative 22k Gold Lead, demonstrating what a stomp this game was.

MEGA Esports vs Hong Kong Attitude

This game was much closer than anticipated, as kills were much more spread across the map. MEGA Esports responded accordingly to Hong Kong Attitude’s slow style, as they attempted to force plays and ganks around the map. However, as the game dwindled on, MEGA Esports began being more and more desperate, making much more desperate plays in order to try and get a lead against Hong Kong Attitude. Most notably, their attempt at Baron at 33 minutes. To be fair, they had already taken all the dragons at this point, so they could easily shred Baron Nashor with their 2 Mountain Dragons buff. With that being said, they made a crucial mistake to try and pull a 50/50 with Hong Kong Attitude’s Jungler on the map. That misplay itself was enough to lose MEGA Esports this very close game.

DAMWON Gaming vs Flamengo Esports

DAMWON had a bit of a hiccup early, as Flamengo’s Lee “Shrimp” Byeong-hoon picks up two kills during an early scuttle crab fight. However, DAMWON show off why they’re considered one of Korea’s greatest with their team fighting prowess. They continue to fight on, trading kills with Flamengo Esports. By 16 minutes, 14 kills have been evenly distributed between both teams. 15 minutes later, and DAMWON Gaming use what they were given early on and fight Flamengo Esports, earning them an ace after Baron that ultimately had won them the game. They go 2-0 and will most likely have a chance to get into Groups if they keep this up.

MEGA Esports vs Lowkey Esports

Lowkey Esports hit the gate running as they utterly dominate the first 20 minutes of the game, earning themselves a 3k gold lead. The only person with a notable amount of kills and carry potential on MEGA’s side is none other than Atit “Rockky” Phaomung, as he had racked up 4 kills on Camille by 20 minutes. As this game continues, MEGA slowly claw themselves back into the game. After a few baron pushes, MEGA were able to ward off Lowkey Esports until late game, when death timers were high. They began Baron and continued it, with Lowkey Esports falling when MEGA turned on them. Their final push brought them the win, considering how close this game was. The most notable moment of this game was Pantheon’s debut, with Nuttapong “G4” Menkasian going 5/7/10. This brings Pantheon having a 100% pick or ban rate in this year’s Worlds so far.

Royal Youth vs Flamengo Esports

Flamengo Esports show off why they are such a prominent early game team with this game. Shrimp started many fights that were easy to take and had his team to immediately follow up. Their level of confidence and communication had earned them both Fire Dragons early, as well as 5 kills. This becomes a snowball mess that Royal Youth could not handle, as Shrimp continues to make plays around the map, sacrificing his flash many times in order to secure kills when many would have thought impossible. Flamengo even take a 20 minute Baron, earning another kill on Barış “Tolerant” Çepnioğlu. They earn their first win of the play in stage against Royal Youth in the fastest game so far, at 24 minutes.

Hong Kong Attitude vs Lowkey Esports

Lowkey Esports begin their plan of trying to get the Tristana fed, as they know that’s one of their win conditions. Nguyễn “Artifact” Văn Hậu earns 3 kills by the 6 minute mark with his various roams to fights he knows he can capitalize on. Hong Kong Attitude begin to worry as they try to hold the reins on the game, but Lowkey Esports show why they’re not a bull that can be tamed. Lowkey Esports don’t even give Hong Kong Attitude room the breathe. By 20 minutes, Artifact has 7 kills and had only died once, earning him a 72% kill participation. It’d be no surprise that Lowkey Esports closed out this game within the next 10 minutes.