Have you ever wanted to have the power of the Gods in your hands? Are you a fan of card games but tired of the classic systems that tend to be in the recent ones that you’ve picked up? In Approaching Esports this week, we’ll be diving into World of Myths, a card game that is growing rapidly due to its concepts and originality. I want to provide you with the details to why this may be the next Competitive Card Game (CCG) to watch. Let’s take about why it can hang with the Gods like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

Your Leader and Mythology selection matters

With some CCGs, you choose a leader based on preference or a minor ability that doesn’t do a TON to change the game. In WoM, your leader and mythology selection could make the difference to a victory or defeat. Currently, there are 3 Mythologies in the game (Greek, Norse, and Japanese) with 4 known Gods for each (like Odin and Thor for Norse, Poseidon and Ares for Greek, or Susanoo and Hachiman for Japanese). Before your first match, you dedicate yourself to one Mythology. You will gain experience as time goes on, unlocking more leaders as well as rewards. Once this is chosen, it’s time to pick one of the four Gods within that you will dedicate yourself to pleasing. Each God comes with their own ability, health, and damage. This is where things get interesting. The Mythology dictates what cards you can use, as there are specific cards for each. You build a deck to take to battle and, during the battle, the God’s effect comes into play. The God can also be summoned down to the battlefield to fight alongside your units. The God stays on the board till the beginning of your next turn, where they will return to their pedestal till called upon again. While on the battlefield though, they are vulnerable to attacks from enemy units. If your God reaches zero, you lose.

Units don’t last forever

Like regular people, units aren’t these forever beings that can fight the good fight forever. Sometimes, they will exhaust themselves to death and remove themselves from the battlefield. This is the Endurance aspect of the game that makes planning ahead so vital. Each card not only has a health and attack value but they also have an endurance value as well. If you attack or defend with a unit, their endurance decreases by one. If they have no more endurance left, they are destroyed and put into the graveyard. This promises that even the toughest of units need to be cared for and refreshed or they won’t stick around for the whole game.

Life totals are gone


Yup. You don’t have a life total yourself. Your God, as explained before, does have life but can’t be targeted unless summoned to the battlefield. The goal during the game is to destroy the three temples of your enemy before they destroy yours. A nice bonus to pushing the temples, besides trying to win the game, is each temple gives you a bonus. The left temple blesses the left most unit with a plus one to their attack value. The middle forces your opponent to destroy one of their units. The right adds one Endurance to the right most unit. To make things even better, these bonuses apply every time that you hit the temples, not just once or upon destruction. This adds a whole new layer to strategy, planning a middle temple push to eliminate units from your opponent or any other of the countless strategies.

Tournament scene just started

Tournaments are just starting to pop up, with the developers announcing weekly ones recently. This gives new players a good chance to get into the game early, start learning the tournament scene, and make an impact early in the game’s existence. It also provides a platform in which not all meta choices have been made so discoverability is key to making a splash. I know I always love getting into a game as soon as possible to develop strategy and understand how the game molds around the players.

World of Myths is just bold enough, original enough, and fresh enough to really carve a special place among the CCG community. They are about to announce their fourth Mythology, the MesoAmericans, as well as introduce new mechanics to the Draft, Tournament, and Ranked scene. If you’re even the slightest into competitive games or CCG (or both!) hop into this beauty now!