TOP10 Esports is the ultimate content destination for esports fans. Featuring breaking news, gameplay articles, event coverage, team rankings & video content. The platform covers popular esports titles such as Apex Legends, CS:GO, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Rainbow 6: Siege & League of Legends and is largely community directed.

We are constantly looking for volunteer writers, wp developers and programmers, designers, video makers, marketing managers, community managers, editors and other to become involved early on with room to grow within the project. This is a fantastic opportunity if you would like to grow into esports journalism and other esport areas. You will also not be locked to just one area, if you are interested to try something new, we will help you.


Some of the Volunteer Duties (depending on role):

  • Source breaking news across the esports titles we cover and other more niche esports and gaming topics.
  • Write breaking/trending news articles and thought pieces surrounding popular esports titles, teams and events in a timely manner.
  • Source appropriate tweets, photos, videos and livestream highlights to be featured within your articles with appropriate source referenced.
  • Write reviews/summaries of major esports events and tournaments.
  • Coordinate with editors and social media managers to ensure quality requirements are met and the article is promoted swiftly.
  • Help to design the next upgrades for the site.
  • Develop esport videos.
  • Develop new website functionality.
  • Develop new mobile apps.
  • Community Management.
  • Help to make Top10 Esports the goto place for top esports.



This is an entry level position that we hope will allow you to grow into positions with more responsibility. We are looking for someone with the following (depending on your interests):

  •     Passion for Esports and video games
  •     Should have strong and detailed knowledge of at least 1 esports titles (if interested in content creation)
  •     Good writing skills in English is applying for a writing position
  •     Good communications skills, including the ability to present concepts
  •     Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with attention to detail
  •     Take direction and constructive criticism where appropriate but also be comfortable working with minimum supervision

Please note: As this is a volunteer role, we do not have a ‘minimum requirement’ for number of articles to be written per week. We will give you all the support and freedom to get the most out of this opportunity. However, we would recommend the ability to write at least 1-2 articles per week.



  • Your own Author/Contributor Profile with your articles, news features and bio/links.
  • Support services from the TOP10 team such as creative design, feedback
  • Article writing educational resources.
  • Part of the official TOP10 team.
  • Ability to grow into future remote paid roles.
  • A chance to become known within the Esports community.


How to Apply

Submit your CV/Resume, any previous work (If you have any) and tell us how you would like to help and your future aspirations (i.e. to become a writer/journalist within esports, stream, game developer, etc) to volunteer (at) top10 esports. com (you need to remove the spaces and exchange the “(at)” to “@” for the email address to work).