This is it, the VCT Masters Final is the final of the first official Valorant LAN ever! Sentinels have been untouchable, and Fnatic is coming from battling through the lower bracket. The last time they faced Sentinels came on top, can they repeat it to take the title, or is NA Near Airport?


MAP 1: SPLIT Sentinels on Attack.

Sentinels go into a B take split from mid and B-main to easily take the first Pistol round.

In the second round, Tenz gets a 4k with his bulldog, if he gets online Fnatic are in big trouble, at least they win the bonus round holding B. So far Sentinels have gone B 3 times.

In the fourth round, the Attackers get early picks at A but end up falling back to B to secure the 2v1.

Derke gets an Op out on 6th round, getting an early frag and forcing the resurrection from Sick. Sentinels get mid control and take A from ropes and A-main, getting the score 5-1.

Despite a brawl all over the map, Fnatic comes on top of every duel, securing their second round.

After a technical pause, both Jetts have their Op, but Shazam comes on top. Sick gets another resurrection after taking the B site, but Fnatic manages to retake and get their 3rd on the board.

Fnatics’ retakes are looking good, but Sentinels keep adding rounds to their tally with fast takes and mid control. At the end, the first half ends up being a close 7-5,

Second Half: Fnatic on Attack.

Fnatic slowly takes mid and splits A from ropes and A main, but Sentinels hold the line and increase the lead.

Zombs gets two spraying a smoke in A-Main, ending up with a 4k and getting Sentinels to 10 and winning the bonus round.

Mistics’ Vipers Pit ends up giving Fnatic a second wind, building 5 rounds of that, despite Shazam converting his last knife into 3 kills from his ultimate on the 17th round. The Score is 10-10 after Derke comes alive with a 3k on the 20th round.

Zombs holds A with a 2k running down the clock to tie the score at 11, and after two close rounds we end up in over-time.

Split Over-time.


Sentinels take B with ease in their Attacker round, and Fnatic Fakes A to creep into B-main, but Tenz with a 3k gets the win and the first map goes to NA.

BIND: Fnatic on Attack

The Attackers start taking orbs and teleporting to double fake and take B control and secure the round with Shock darts and Snakebites.

Sentinel’s defense holds true and gets them on the board winning the bonus, but Fnatic gets the first full buy round at A easily.

Fnatic just starts rolling every bombsite with their lineups and executes, faking takes with teleports and utility to keep Sentinels guessing, running down the clock. Its only until the 7th round that the defenders can get their second round using the Vipers Pit at A to deny the offense. The score is 5-2.

Both teams start trading rounds, oddly stomping one another, finishing the half 8-4.

Second Half: Sentinels on Attack.

Sentinels get the plant B but Fnatic sticks it as Mistic gets a 3k winning the second pistol. However, the attackers’ force-buy on the 14th round, and with 2 openings from TenZ, they get up to 5 rounds.

Sick consolidated the 15th round with a clean 4k, and next round they picked off one by one the B defense, starting to build a comeback. Sentinels money is looking great.

TenZ 3k ties up the score starting with a nasty 1 tap, taking the score 9-9.

Fnatic gets back on the board with an insane retake on the A site, retaking the lead, Amazing use of utility.

Sentinels keep brute-forcing their way into the sites, taking the lead for the first time 12-10, but Fnatic takes it to Over-time again.

Bind Over-time

All of Fnatic go long B but Sentinels just mows them down. They return the favor defending the same bombsite.

Sentinels hold strong again, locking down the A bombsite, and then Magnum with the flank extends the overtime, despite TenZ 3k.

The North Americans win the map after two explosive rounds.

Haven: Sentinels on Attack


Fnatic plays retake on the A site, with 4 of them dropping from heaven and getting the first round.

Sentinels start having a lot of success on C site, taking it early and late, getting the lead 4-2, Shazam even getting a 2k spray transfer after being concussed.

Fnatic Holds strong at A but Sentinels try again in the 8th round and successfully takes it, cracking it again at the 9th.

Now the Attackers start going back to C and winning every duel. Fnatic should go back to their retake approach.

Fnatic tries to be aggressive and push window after using a Lockdown at A, but Sentinels still win the fights. The half ends up being 9-3.

Second Half: Fnatic on Attack.

Now the Europeans go straight to B, trading and winning a much-needed second pistol round.

The defenders force buy and try to retake B from Fnatic, but Mistic already has his ultimate and that seals the round.

The first gun round ends up happening at the C site, Shazam is left in a 1 vs 2 but cannot convert, Fnatic is up to 6 rounds.

After two effective A takes and holds Fnatic tie the map 9-9, Derke again showing up strong.

Regardless of the setup, Fnatic had after planting at B, Sentinels yoinks the round from their grasp and regains the lead, winning the next three and getting to Championship point.

Fnatic wins round B and then A with Magnum and Derke getting it almost to a tie again. But on an amazing retake from Sentinels and a miss flash from Fnatic, North America takes the trophy on the first-ever Valorant LAN for the VCT Masters Final without dropping one single map.


North American Esports has been a meme for so long, this feels like a returning dominance of days of old, not only the compositions but the individual skill level was really on another level. The Europeans showed better tactical executions, but Sentinels definitely did their homework.

See you all in Berlin.

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