We all knew that Riot was going to add another Origin into Teamfight Tactics at some point. That day is coming with the new updates hot on the test realm for TFT. Let’s run through what will be hitting in the next patch!


Hextech Origin

This is a meta changer. This will shake up the best builds and make them cry. Hextech units temporarily disable enemy items, causing those lovely bonuses someone’s built to be completely useless. I feel this will be a huge shake-up and probably one of the highest sought out Origins in the game. I expect to see Hextech take over right out of the gate as Riot works to balance the ratio. With this Origin comes four champions that use it.


  • Camille, a one-cost Blademaster who’s ability will root, damage, and mark her target so all available units near the target will attack it. This is an early entry to getting Blademaster out while also being a strong candidate for best one cost unit.
  • Jayce, a two-cost Shapeshifter that will allow you to get the synergy earlier. His ability will knock back targets and then attack from range.
  • Vi, a three-cost Brawler that will target the furthest enemy after a little time and charge towards them, knocking aside all others in her path. It’s like an Assassin without being an Assassin.
  • Jinx, a four-cost Gunslinger that has the ability to power up after every takedown. I see that she is incredibly squishy though so expect her to fall early if not protected correctly.



Ghost Matchmaking

Along with the new units, TFT has modified how the ghost army matching works. It is now unlikely that a player will be matched with ghost armies multiple times now. Matching will switch if this happens, allowing other players to play one another.