If you have a Prime Membership then you know that you can receive free rewards on Twitch. Since the launch of Apex Legends fans have been able to obtain Prime-exclusive skins through Twitch for different legends. Starting on August 6th to September 10th players with Prime Membership will be able to get the new ‘Check Me Out’ Seer skin in Apex Legends.

This Apex Legends Prime-exclusive skin will be available to players with a Prime Membership. This checker patterned Seer skin is just one of many fans of the game that have been able to unlock and are only obtainable through Twitch. If you have a full paid membership or even got a free trial you can link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch and Apex Legends.

If you are a new player coming to Apex Legends now is your chance to get a free skin if you have a Prime Membership. So what are you waiting for? Jump into the Apex Games as Seer and all the players will be checking you out! Akademischer Ghostwriter helped to write this article.