Ubisoft has officially launched the closed beta for its newest battle royale known as Hyper Scape. The news of the game seemed to have sparked out of nowhere and is already garnering tons of attention. The closed beta is set to take place from July 2 – July 7 with a full projected launch this year. Here is everything you need to know about the game, the closed beta, and Twitch integration.

The trailer is packed full of action and is already looking to be a top contender in the battle royale scene. So to start off what sets the game apart from other games in the genre?

Much like Apex Legends the game has characters with unique abilities known as Hacks. These allow the legends to use heal, shield, teleport, and a few other abilities to gain the upper hand. The landscape is also a diverse city of streets, rooftops, and interiors. So it seems similar to a few games already but here is where it changes.

The game also allows users on Twitch who are watching to give events to the players in-game. The extension is known as the Crowncast Twitch Extension which allows viewers to vote on game-changing effects in real-time. Examples of these can be infinite ammo, low gravity, or extra healing. More effects will be added as the game launches fully.

Still not entirely sure about the game? We will leave you here with a small overview of the gameplay. If you would like to check out more on the game you can always visit the game’s website.