The lore of Apex Legends is a vast and ever-evolving landscape. Today I want to discuss one of my all-time favorite champions; Mirage. Many know Mirage as a funny and charming guy from the outlands, but is that all that he is?


To describe Mirage I will refer back to an article I wrote about his new Twitch Prime skin (here):

Mirage is, of course, everyone’s favorite prankster. The guy who has played the role of the poster boy for Apex Legends for some time now. He is the funny guy in Apex. The abilities of Mirage reflect his personality as they are all about pranking the enemy.  His Q makes a copy of himself that runs out and if shoot upon reveals the shooter. the passive of Mirage is Encore which makes a holographic copy of himself begging for mercy when he dies. Last but not least is the ultimate, Vanishing Act. Vanishing Act is literally a vanishing act, Mirage spews out copies all around him that stands in a circle, he then becomes invisible for a period of time. He does all this while being super confident in himself and probably one of the funniest guys in Apex Legends.

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Mirage, however, is one of the weaker characters in the game. His ability is great for bamboozling an enemy but most of the time you won’t be in the right situation for this to work. His abilities are also not that good for dealing damage, at least compared to other legends in the fray. Not saying that his abilities aren’t good, they can as said before help you in times of need. Mirage can even be a gamechanger if played well. But, Mirage is still outmatched by the other offensive characters in Apex Legends. He is in his current state not able to provide the push capability of Bangalore or the escape of Wraith.

Elliot Witt

Mirage was born as Elliott Witt and the youngest of four brothers. As the youngest brother, he quickly learned how to fool around to get attention. He caught an interest in holo pilot technology around this time too as his mother was an engineer in the subject. His father isn’t mentioned in his bio and I think we can assume that he is out of the picture. This is when the first tragedy hits the Witt family as Mirage’s older brothers, soldiers, goes MIA (missing in action) during the Frontier Wars. Mirage and his mother, however, keep working together on the holo pilot technology that interests them so. During this time Mirage and his mother become incredibly close.

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“It was probably the worst day of my entire life… When I found out that they were missing, I feared they’d be gone forever. I called my mom and we cried for hours. We grew up together, took care of each other… it was the first time I truly understood what love was. When I was a little kid, I remember we snuck into one of the last Thunderdome games before they shut down and out of nowhere came torent…torre….it began to rain a lot. My first reaction was to protect those little guys. Sure, it’s just rain, but I didn’t want them to get soaked. I thought I could protect them forever but I failed. It’s my fault. I let those pieces of hair get seared by that explosion, and now….and now my little babies may never return… I could go bald! I got to go…sorry” – Mirage


Apex Legends Mirage –Picture by 4K-images


Mirage starts to bartender since he needs some way of actually making money. While working there he starts to learn more about the Apex Games. He keeps hearing these amazing stories about fame and glory. Even though he wants to fight in the Apex Games he knows he can’t risk leaving his mother childless. His mother starts to notice and eventually gives him a customized set of holo-devices. She tells him to follow his dream and he does, becoming one of the most liked champions in the Apex Games. there are plenty of reasons why people like him in the games and I think this quote sums it up perfectly:

“Why did I become a Legend? One reason: women. I kid. Real reason? Beautiful women. Sorry. They say I use humor as a defense mechanism, but hello… self-deprecation is my defense mechanism. Humor’s my crutch. Or maybe my fallback? I don’t know, one of those. I guess at the end of the day, the Games give people a reason to cheer. Aren’t a whole lot of those left in the Outlands these days. Cool to be part of that. All I have to do is die young. So…yeah…anyhoo, I’m just pulling your leg, it’s totally for the babes.” – Mirage

Evelynn Witt

Evelynn Witt is Mirage’s mother as stated before. She is not described that well in his bio but we do know that she is an engineer and that she made Mirage’s Holo-gear. She does, however, seem to suffer from some sort of memory degenerative disease which is further proven by a phone call we hear in-game between her and her son.

“Hey! Well isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world! I mean, I gotta get my good looks from somewhere… heh… How ya doin’ Mom? –– Oh, me? I’m perfect, as usual. Hey, get this… they asked me to take over the Games for a bit during the holidays. It makes sense, you know, I mean… give the fine people of the Outlands what they want, right? –– Yeah.. yeah, that’s right, Mom. Yeah… I’m your son… Elliot. –– Yeah. Yeah, of course! Don’t worry! – I’ll win for you today. Always win for my number one fan. –– Yeah you go enjoy your pork chops – I know they’re your favorites. I’m gonna go win a cha-uh… the ahh… the abvah… the champ… I’m gonna go be the best! –– Alright… love you, Mom! Bye. [exhales] What is R.E.C? Oh no, how long has this been recording…” – Mirage

Not only has Mirage lost his brothers he is also about to lose his own mother. this is probably what makes his lore so sad, not that other champions lore aren’t sad, but his is somewhat more relatable and easy to grasp. Lots of people have lost parents and siblings and nobody wants that to happen ever. Mirage also has anxiety and lots of defensive mechanisms that are also very relatable to so many people. This is what makes his lore stand out against any other.


Mirage icon

Apex Legends Mirage Icon- Picture by 4K-Images

Other Characters

Mirage does, as all the other characters of the game, show up in others lore as well. For example, Pathfinder which he encouraged to join the games. Bloodhound has also said that he thinks of Mirage as a competent ally and Bangalore has even laughed at some of his jokes.

“Hmm, he appears to be a competent ally in this photo. That is a pleasant surprise. He has fought at my side before and I have never met such a miklimunr. But perhaps I am being unkind. He has survived his share of slatra. His tricks of the eye are a blessing to the hunt. In the heat of battle, he vinna. Hap this is an image of the true warrior hidden within him” – Bloodhound

Evelyn Witt gets her fair share of fame too as Wattson says that she knows her, Wattson also comments on Mirage’s holo-tech, complaining that it’s not waterproof. Finally, Caustic says that he knows about the “pumpkin incident”.


Apex Legends Bloodhound — Picture by 4K-Images

Final Words

Mirage might not be the best character in the game, but he has some of the most relatable lore I have read so far. This makes me excited for what comes next for this wonderful and thoughtful champion. I think the perfect way to end this is with the Witt’s family pork chop recipe:

“Whoa! Rumor has it my secret family pork chop recipe made it out into the whole Outlands and… whoops… it’s a tad bid off. Math was never my fort… fart… forfeit? My thing! Sorry, Ma. Here we go now with a little extra Mirage!

Glaze: Dijon mustard (about 90ml or 3oz) Honey (110ml or about 4oz) Maple Syrup (30ml or 2 tbsps) Cinnamon (pinch) Ground cloves (pinch) Hand squeezed pineapple (about 15ml or 1tbsp – optional, but personally my favorite)

Pork Chops: Salt & Pepper (sprinkle well) Cayenne (pinch) Brown Sugar (sprinkle on both sides – optional, but personally my favorite)

Cook: 1. Sear Pork Chops on both sides. 2. Glaze both chops. 3. Bake in the oven at 190C (375F) for 10-12 mins or until cooked at least 63C (145F)”

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