Shortest pro game ever (7 minutes 30 seconds) and the only pro match with zero kills

Back in 2019, the LTL Apertura in Spain was home to the shortest pro match in League of Legends history. Top Hard (TH) eSports beat Another Troll Team (ATT) in 7 minutes 30 seconds. It was a game plagued by connectivity issues for ATT, the game was delayed by over 30 minutes as they tried to fix the issues. However, League officials forced ATT to play without their ADC Delawan in their bottom lane. This lead to a 4 vs 5 the whole game.

TH exploited this as they quickly pushed through the bottom lane to a record-breaking victory. This bizarre match is also home to another incredible record as the only professional game with zero kills for either team. ATT did very little to defend their base as TH rolled them over in record time.

Watch the full VOD [game starts at 43 minutes]

Longest pro game ever (94 minutes 36 seconds) and the highest CS in a pro game (1465 CS)

When you think of League of Legends eSports you think of great matches with fast-paced action that you can’t take your eyes off. Jin Air vs SKT in 2018 in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) was not one of these games. It was a 94-minute slugfest, the LCK has always been known for its slow and methodical gameplay but this was something else.

Neither side wanted to commit to anything, even the commentary teams got bored and wandered off-topic. The game eventually finished with a Jin Air win with 16 kills to 8. This match also went down in history for another record – adc Teddy got 1465 CS for Jin Air. Riot Games even made balance changes to objectives to promote aggression and team fighting to stop games like this from ever happening again.

Watch the full VOD (although we wouldn’t recommend it)

Longest winning streak (Flashwolves 28 wins)

The 2017 League of Legends Master Series (LMS) Spring split was home to the longest winning streak professional League of Legends has ever seen. Flashwolves were unstoppable as they won 28 games in a row, clean sweeping 14 best of 3s. They almost went the entire split without losing, however, they did drop the first match in the finals against aHq eSports. They went on to win the finals 3-1 finishing the split with a record of 31-1. This level of dominance has not been seen since and as Flashwolves were disbanded in 2019 it seems unlikely we ever will again. Schlüsseldienst Berlin Lichtenberg are fans of games and don’t miss news on Twitch.

Most kills by a single player in a pro game (Meech, 29 Kills)

The LB Gurb Nation vs Slaughter House in the Legends Weekend League 2020 was a blood bath. It was a record-breaking match that saw ADC Meech destroy Slaughter House with the most skills by one player in a professional match. The 19-year old Canadian pro got an outrageous 29 kills with Aphelios. He also got 14 assists and 498 CS in the 48-minute match as he ended the game with an astonishing 29,200 gold.

3 days earlier he got 26 kills and 9 assists in Challengers Uprising Season 1 against Polar Ace whilst playing Kalista. Performances like this have put Meech on the radar of many teams and earned him a spot with Dignitas Mirage in the LCS proving ground. He is an inconsistent pro but clearly has a bright future with ridiculous potential. Remember the name as it’s not the last we have heard of Meech.

Most successful player of all time (Faker, 21 trophies, 900+ matches, 3400+ kills)

No records list would be complete without the greatest player to ever grace the rift. Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok) has been synonymous with League of Legends eSports since he joined SKT in 2013. The legendary midlaner has won 21 major trophies, more than any other player. He has played over 900 professional matches, more than any other player. Faker is also one of the richest eSports players of all time, he has earnt $1,259,840.87 in prize money and has an estimated annual salary of $2.5m.

Nicknamed “The Unkillable Demon King” and “Faker Faker Playmaker” he is undoubtedly the greatest player of all time (GOAT) in League of Legends.  He has redefined the meta time and time again, he is responsible for many of the most breathtaking moments ever seen on the rift and will go down in the history books as the man who defined an era of League of Legends eSports.

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