This week’s TeamFight Tactics patch introduces the new champion Kai’sa, if you haven’t seen our latest blog about her check it out here. Patch 9.19 shakes the META game introduces a variety of new items and recipes. 

In this article, we’ll be breaking down the viability of items and potential META changes.


New Item – Sparring Gloves:

The introduction of sparring gloves means the META game will definitely change. Having both the offensive ability of +10% Critical Strike chance and defensive +10% Dodge chance would make this item on its own ideal for both yordles and rangers. However, when turning this component into a fully completed item will convert it’s core stats in either +20% critical strike or +20% dodge chance.

Tier Prediction: A


Item Recipes using Sparring Gloves:


Infinity Edge:

Recipe: BF Sword + Sparring Gloves.

Stats: +20% Critical Strike chance, +150% damage to Critical Strikes.

Opinion: Infinity edge has always been a B-tier item which generally good on rangers, assassins and anyone who builds attack speed and crit items. However, building survivability items such as guardian’s angel or bloodthirster are simply just more valuable.  This change won’t have much effect on the state of Infinity Edge as it will most likely remain above average.

Tier Prediction: B


Repeating Crossbow:

Recipe: Sparring gloves + Recurve Bow

Stats: On death jumps to an allied champion and grants an additional 20% attack speed and critical strike chance.

Opinion: Realistically fights are decided in the span of a few seconds. The repeating crossbow simply won’t give enough value. The players will have to rely on RNG on where the repeating crossbow will land. This item will be most valuable on rangers but you won’t get its full value there’s simply just better items to create out of the components.

Tier Prediction: C


Jewelled Gauntlet:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves + Needlessly Large Rod

Stats: Your spells can critically strike.

Opinion: This item will definitely shake the META. Spellcasters such as Aurelion Sol, Karthus and Katarina will LOVE this item. Having AoE Spells that can critically strike will definitely make this a strong item and it will definitely be desired by sorcerors. Team fights are already decided by 1-2 ultimates from stacked sorceror’s such as Auerlion Sol, and by building both RFC and Guinsoos, this item will give you that extra damage to one-shot the enemy backline.

Tier Prediction: S-


Hand of Justice

Recipe: Sparring Gloves + Tear of the Goddess.

Stats: On round start gain either +40% more damage or 40 life on-hit.

Opinion: This only affects auto-attack damage. Generally, on-hit effects are better with more attack speed. Hand of Justice will be an above-average item with both effects being useful, if you cannot make any other S tier items with the components then this item will be good situational, especially with rangers and champions that love attack speed.

Tier Prediction: B


Iceborn Gauntlet:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves + Chain Vest

Stats: On dodge, create an expandable zone that lowers attack speed by 35%

Opinion: This item will be a generally good item that will fit into most composition with a front-line. Being a defensive item it will gain +20% dodge chance from sparring gloves, and lowering the attack speed of any unit is highly valuable. This item will definitely be more desirable than frozen heart and is probably one of the more Overpowered, items on release.

Tier Prediction: A+


Quicksilver Sash:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves + Negatron Cloak

Stats: When CC’d, cleanse the CC. 5 Second Cooldown.

Opinion: With the overwhelmingly large amounts of crowd control in the game this item will be useless. This item is below average and I do not suggest building this as there are far more efficient items to build. Crowd control can usually be positioned around and wasting component items and a slot for a QSS is not efficient.

Tier Prediction: D


Trap Claw: 

Recipe: Sparring Gloves + Giants Belt

Stats: When combat begins, gain a spell shield. When it breaks, stun the champion who broke the shield.

Opinion: This item is similar to quicksilver sash but better. Having a spell shield means it’s generally more effective negating the first initial CC that attacks your champion. I can see this being valuable towards assassins, rangers and heavy crowd control tanks such as Cho’gath or Sejuani. The Stun lasts for 5 seconds which is invaluable in an auto-chess game.

Tier Prediction: A


Thief’s Gloves:

Recipe: Sparring Gloves + Sparring Gloves.

Stats: This item takes all three item slots. On round begin, copy two random items.

Opinion: Broken. This item gives you tonnes of value. Probably going to be one of the highly contested items on release, this item goes well into any team. Place this item onto a secondary carry or a secondary tank and watch as you insane efficiency.

Tier Prediction: S



Recipe: Spatula + Sparring Gloves

Stats: This champion counts as a yordles

Opinion: Will fit into ay yordle comp, however, with the recent change of the wild synergy yordles will be less desirable.

Tier Prediction: B


Death Blade: 

Recipe: BF Sword + BF Sword

Stats: On kill or assist, gain an additional 15 attack damage until end of combat. (Stacks indefinitely)

Opinion: This item would probably pair well with champions such as: Jinx or Draven. However, this would require more insight as I personally believe immediate damage items are better. This item is definitely better than Repeating Crossbow pairing well with attack speed items however, the trade-off is scaling damage rather than immediate damage.

Tier Prediction: B-


Giant Slayer:

Recipe: BF Sword + Recurve Bow

Stats: Attacks deal an additional 5% enemy max health as True Damage.

Opinion: This item is next to Thief’s Gloves in terms of power. Almost always good Giant Slayer is a flexible item that’s more effective on both Assassins, Rangers and Blademasters.

Tier Prediction: S



S+: Giant Slayer & Thief’s Gloves

A: Iceborn Gauntlet, Jewelled Gauntlet, Trap Claw

B: Hand of Justice, Death Blade

C: Mittens, Repeating Crossbow

D: QuickSilver Sash


All images belong to Mobalytics and thanks to Riot Games for the patch notes.

Thanks for reading and may the rolls ever be in your favour!