We finally got our first major news regarding Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics. It is confirmed that this set will be called Galaxies. We also got news on how Elemental Hexes will no longer be a part of the game but are now reworked and changed to Galaxies, a new mechanic that’ll be introduced in Set 3.

Galaxies within Galaxies

“Galaxies within galaxies” is the biggest change confirmed and the thing that most people are looking forward for Set 3 because it adds a whole new layer to the game players haven’t experienced yet.

For example, Neekoverse and 4-cost carousel galaxies are the two we have confirmed so far and there will be more added in as the set goes on so there’s never a lack of newer content to play. The Neekoverse galaxy allows everyone in the game to start with two Neeko’s Help, an item that allows players to gain a one-star copy of any unit. This allows for early two-star 5-cost champs if players save them until level 7 or 8. Or maybe a carry is a 3-cost champ and getting them 2 stars early allows you to win streak for the majority of the game and get top 4. This also allows players who want to do a meme build and 3 star a champ and make them a carry. Neeko’s Help already plays such an advantage in gameplay, so seeing everyone on a level playing field with them adds that extra layer of strategy to the game. The “4-cost-carousel” is another confirmed galaxy and that one is pretty obvious in how it’s used: take the 4 cost carry and play for them early, or sell it for the extra gold.

There will hopefully be many more galaxies that lead to endless entertainment and ranked climbing that lead to a healthy balance of fun and competitiveness that TFT has often struggled to maintain since its release.  The developers’ goal is to have a balanced game where one is required to play what you get and be able to adapt on the fly to reach the top 4. Looking into the future, TFT is in good hands, with mobile release and Set 3 coming in the same month plus with a potential competitive scene in the horizon the sky is the limits with this game.

For the full look, check out Riot Games’ blog post here!

Patch 10.4 will be live soon as well, so check out our article here.

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