The new Patch 9.14B just went live and had some interesting changes, both nerfs and buffs to certain champions, abilities, and items. Many classes have been affected as well, including Assassins, Elemental, Wild, and Sorcerer. With this being the first week after the Ranked patch was released, many people will be excited to hear that their most hated comps will have been hit. If you want to see the rest of the patch, you can click here.

Build-A-Bear took a strong hit

Volibear has had a lot of carry potential over course of TFT’s existence, as many people just went Brawlers-Glacial and put all their items on Volibear. This strategy alone was enough to get many people to the top 4 of every game. The Thunder’s Roar, however, took a huge hit this patch to both his Armor (which decreased from 35 to 30) and Attack Speed (0.65 to 0.55). This strategy will make it less likely for Volibear to become the carry, which wasn’t Riot’s initial intention.


Ninjas and Assassins

Ninjas took quite a huge hit this patch as well, as Akali’s Health (from 700 to 650) and Attack Speed (from 0.75 to 0.7) and Kennen’s Attack Damage (from 75 to 70) were nerfed in this patch. This makes those units pretty weak. And seeing the fact that many people like to run the Ninja package in the Assassins comp, many people will be sad to hear that Assassins were also nerfed. The Assassin bonus of 150%/350% was changed to 125%/350%, making it difficult for people to snowball earlier with Assassins.

Squishy Daisy

Elementalists took another big hit this patch, as the Golem ability from Elementalists have been nerfed. The HP for the Golem goes from 2500 to 2200 with this new patch. 

The grace of the chickens

Raptors have been pseudo buffed, making it much easier for people to get items at this stage. In fact, Riot has announced that Raptors, no matter where you are in the game, will always drop a loot box.

And everything else…

Other noticeable changes to this game are the buffs to Wild and Sorcerer. Sorcerer’s Bonus Ability Power was buffed from 35/100 to 45/100 and the Wild attack speed went from 8%/10%. Infinity Edge was also buffed, with the Critical Strike Damage going from 100% to 150%.