So you’ve been dabbling (or obsessing) over Teamfight Tactics from Riot Games. You keep playing as much as possible but keep finding yourself in the bottom when it comes to final placing. Let’s discuss some strategies that maybe you’re overlooking to up your game and put you higher in the rankings.


1 – Grab the item, not the champion

One thing that is super unique to TFT is the start of the match. Players are lined up around a revolving carousel of champions and at once rush to the center to grab the one they desire. The real question I ask is, how are you making your choice?


This first carousel is a chance to grab an early powerful item that you can save down the way. Every champion on the carousel can take care of (With ease) the first round of minions without dying. It doesn’t matter who you choose in this spot (unless you’re just in LOVE with one). Choose the champion that will reward you with a powerful item when combined for later game use.


2 – Items are game-changing

League specializes in item selection and buffing your champion with the proper set up for late-game damage. TFT is built around the same premises. Some are tempted to use their items immediately since they can sell the champion and get the item back. Using items so early though deny you the chance to be able to pick combinations in the later game, like Phantom Blades or Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

When choosing items, lean towards ones that will help you grow in your composition for your team. So with building Assassins, you want to lean towards items that will increase attack speed or deal damage. Or if you’re building towards Knights, some nice defensive or thorn items would do very well.

I personally tend to always save most of my items for the 4 or 5 coin characters near the higher levels. These characters offer more bang for your buck on items and tend to be a worthier investment for these. Plus by level 6, you have an idea where your team composition is going and can plan accordingly.


3 – Know when to prioritise champions

After your first carousel, your next ones should be taken in the same manner. Items come precedence to champions. There are exceptions to the rules of course. If you are looking for that final piece to your build or that final champion to upgrade, it takes priority to items.


4 – Know your tier probabilities

Remember that there are a limited amount of champions in the pool that everyone shares. The higher the coin cost, the smaller the pool for this champion. This is why ultra-rare (four-star) and legendary (five-star) champions are so valuable to pick up when you can. The pool is incredibly small (13 and 10 total) so grabbing any of them adds value to your line up. These champions are made to stand up better on their own without needing upgrading.


We’ll be sharing more tactics in the coming days so stay tuned to TOP 10!