Team Fight Tactics fans rejoice! It’s finally patch day, and today we receive something that has been begged for since TFT has been released: Ranked Play!

Ranked Play officially hits the servers and you can start playing your placement matches right away. Unlike League of Legends, it only requires five placement matches to become ranked. After that, the ranked play works like any other game on the rift. LP is earned if you place in the top four and is lost if you’re in the bottom four of the match. It’s fairly simple to understand and we can already see the grinding will commence!


Along with the Ranked Play, a new champion has entered the arena. Twisted Fate makes his way into the rotation as a tier-two pirate and sorcerer champion. He starts with 450 HP and 50 mana. His special ability is a copy of his W ability (Pick A Card) in which he chooses a card to decide the fate of the target. This choice can have one of three results: deals damage, stuns targets, or restores mana to himself and the surrounding allies.

This is the patch that competitive players have been waiting for, and we can’t wait to see you out on the field of battle!