All the hype as Nintendo releases their new characters at the infamous E3. The fans are excited since most had already purchased the whole pass and noticed that more is in store. The results reveal…Banjo Kazooie and the Hero from the Dragon Quest series.


The Reaction

Do not get me wrong, I love the Dragon Quest series and was super hyped when I heard the different versions of the Hero would arise. However, Banjo Kazooie?? Of all the characters they could have chosen, HE was the choice. As an echo fighter for Duck-Hunt, Nintendo may have some explaining to do.


Out of the rest of the DLC fighters in Smash so far, the Hero is my second highest for the ‘would attempt to play’.  The best for me is still Joker from Persona 5. Being a Persona fan and a Dragon Quest fan for the majority of my life does not help.


My Ideas

To be honest, the rest of the DLC is kind of disappointing besides those two. I mean, Piranha Plant is a bit goofy when people fight as him and having Kirby with a flower hat is cute, but that is really it. I paid for these characters, I want someone exciting to fight as. Someone to really show how the DLC is really worth it.

As the nerd I am, I started thinking of ideas of characters. One option could be Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia since that game got rebooted to the Switch system. Another could be Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia whose has appeared in a past Soul Caliber and his game did release in both Gamecube and Wii. Yes, I love the Tales of series which no one knows about, but there are others I would like to see besides them.

How about Moogle from the Final Fantasy series? The adorably fuzzy creature has already debuted in other Mario games like Mario Sports Mix for the Wii as well as other side games. He is also seen alongside Cactuar the Cactus, White Mage, Dark Mage, and Slime from Dragon Quest. I believe those characters could have a flashy move set and diverse color schemes to have fun with.


The options like more Pokémon would be nice to see as well. Some diversity like Rayman or the Rabbids could be interesting to see since Mario already made a game included with them. Why not add them to the roster? I could see plungers shot from one end of the screen to the next already.

To make this rant shorter than it already is, Smash needs cooler DLC characters! I want my money’s worth here! I feel as though the DLC was only meant for two characters instead of all the characters, and a lot of people I have spoken to have agreed with me. So Nintendo, if you are reading this, take some advice from this nerdy girl and go beyond the normal characters.  Do something people will be dying to get.