By now, people should have been able to try the Smash character Hero. The common consensual is that he’s a good mix of balance and power. The Hero also has strength in his physical prowess as well as magical range abilities. With this dynamic character, what can one expect when trying to master them?

Smash Hero

The latest Smash Character

The Origin

The Hero is from an RPG called Dragon Quest. For those who do not know about the game, it is essentially an adventure game where the protagonist travels with friends, fighting monsters, levelling up, and classing up. The more the player explores, the more experience and skills they gain while following a story through the mystical world they created.

Each Hero looks different in each game, which Smash seemed to have gotten right when they chose the skins for the character. It is also seen when the player uses their final smash which has a cameo of the other Hero’s throughout the games.

All Smash Hero skins

The latest Smash character Hero has a number of skins

The Move Set

Looking into the move set they created for the Hero, he is very balanced on his range and physical abilities. But he’s more than just a revamp, as he brings in spells from previous titles into the Smash-verse. The creators even added the different levels of spells which is similar to Robin’s Thunder spell. The more a person holds the button for the spells, the stronger they get.

Besides the normal spells, the creators were able to input even more spells into the Hero by adding a small menu which is similar to the menu you see in the games which houses the other slash attacks and spells that the player is able to use that have been seen throughout the series.

These spells can be effective in many situations like Snooze for sleep or Kacrackle slash, which is very effective. The only reason this character is not completely overpowered is the fact they added a randomized list of the extra moves so not all moves are accessible. With the randomization, Hero is more like a wild card that could change the tide of a match at an instant.

Hero in Action

Opinion on Hero, and whether he should be banned from Tournaments.

All the information aside, I believe the Hero is a very fun character to play. He was banned for recent Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments, but it is understandable since his design and move set can seem ‘unfair’ to some players. However, we have to remember his ban does not stop me from having fun playing as him and hopefully making him a second main character.

What are your thoughts on the Hero, and do you think he should be banned? Does he need more tweaking or is it right the fact he is banned? Whatever the decision is, let’s all enjoy this great character and the games he originates from.