As Valorant enters it’s 4th week its “closed beta,” pros and players alike continue to grind hours on the game. The game continues to dominate Twitch’s directory with seemingly everyone giving the game a try, assuming they have a code. However behind the scenes, many players are looking to go pro in the game have been making their moves. Up to this point probably the most high profile switches have been T1’s signing of Braxton “brax” Pierce and Keven “AZK” Larivière. Both players were known for the involvement in the North American match fixing scandal, that left them permanently banned from Valve events. However, the latest signing of Jay “Sinatraa” Won to Sentinels proves to be the biggest Valorant move yet!

For context, coming from Overwatch Sinatraa is the reigning MVP of the past season of the Overwatch League. Widely considered one of, if not the best and Overwatch players in the world. This would mean it is first time a “top” player has made the transition from their game to Valorant. Prior to the move to Valorant was made official, the San Francisco Shock did confirm his departure from the team on Twitter:

Sinatraa would later address his retirement in twitlonger citing “lost passion” and other game changes to Overwatch being the main reasons. Interestingly the move to Valorant was not addressed here, but mentioned in a follow-up tweet to the twitlonger:

The final part that need confirming was the rumor he was joining the Sentinels organization. Sure enough less then 10 hours later they confirmed the signing of Sinatraa as well as three other pros making the transition to Valorant.

Sentinels had previously operated the Los Angeles Gladiators team, however following a settlement of a lawsuit with Gladiators owner Kroenke Sports and Entertainment they departed in September 2019.

According to the report from the ESPN article that first broke the story, the Overwatch and Call of Duty League have barred retiring players from signing with any parent or sister organization of a competing team. With this being the case an organization such as NRG Esports would have been unable to sign Sinatraa as they currently operate the San Francisco Shock. Despite this, Sinatraa made the decision to leave anyway. Undoubtedly this will impact the Overwatch pro scene going forward. How? We don’t know yet, but it should be exciting to see who other names make the move to Valorant.