Over the past few months, Apex Legends has been in the headlines for news. Whether it’s for its incredible addition of the game into the BR market or something in the game that has the community talking. Since the announcement of the Apex Legends Global Series, many players have switched from console to PC. This has also lead to many staying with what they feel most comfortable on whether it is a mouse & keyboard or a controller. Now the latest debate is if aim assist should be removed from Apex Legends.

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Since the launch of Apex Legends, many players have showcased their skills no matter what platform they play on. However, some players like NiceWigg, snip3down, and Calamiti are just some of the well-known players on PC that utilize a controller.

Professional Apex player NiceWigg

What exactly is Aim Assist?

In Apex Legends Aim Assist allows you to track the player a bit better when your crosshairs are near the player. This allows players on controllers to have an even matchup when in close range fights. However, it should be noted that aim assist does not help much in long-range fights.

This is where the topic gets highly debated. Many players claim that utilizing a controller with aim assist on in close range fights is almost cheating. Most of the time players using a controller on PC should win close range fights nine out of ten times with aim assist on. The argument does stop there since players on mouse & keyboard have the advantage the rest of the time when they’re not in close engagements. This comes from the fact that it is easier to track opponents on the mouse when they are at greater ranges.

There has been plenty of players trying to showcase aim assist and what it actually does but is usually met with mixed reactions from the community. While some members of the Apex community have bad-mouthed players for using aim assist others have come out to support the use of it.

Aim Assist in Apex Legends is something else that has come up just like the Peacekeeper being overpowered. It seems more players are announcing that they are leaving the popular BR because of aim assist. A similar topic came up when a player used a keyboard & mouse on a console and players in the game called the player a hacker.

It doesn’t look like aim assist will be removed anytime soon. Will it cause more players to leave the game or switch back to console is uncertain but for now maybe understanding how it works is all we can do.