With the release of Saviors of Uldum earlier this month, many speculated on the solo adventure of the expansion. Even now, there’s not a lot of details surrounding the expansion itself besides the release date.

Tombs of Terror, the name of the solo adventure for Saviors of Uldum, will launch on September 17th.

In the last expansion, players played as the henchmen of the League of EVIL to help steal the magical city of Dalaran, which was a success. But, unfortunately for many, Rafaam’s evil scheme does not end there. Unfortunately for him and his posse, he would face another group of people who would push back and face EVIL in hopes to stop them dead in their tracks with Uldum.

It’s safe to say that the new solo adventure will play like the Heist of Dalaran. Though, instead of henchmen, players will play as the Explorers themselves to stop the League of EVIL.

Unfortunately, that’s all that was released by Blizzard Entertainment. This article will be updated when more information gets released.