Riot Games’ popular hit-game is now rumoured to take over the mobile gaming platform! 

The creators of the most famous MOBA esports, League of Legends, are considering to make their game available for the mobile platform. There have been many similar games to League but the most notable being the remake Mobile Legends. It has taken over the mobile gaming community in south-east Asia, forcing Riot Games to develop something similar.

With a recent video leaked by a Chinese Youtuber, Mirai, the gameplay appears to have the core mechanics of the PC version but more condensed:

Players will still have their 5 roles: Top, Jungle, Mid, Marksman and Support. However, there will be fewer champions as Riot is tailoring the gameplay to be mobile-friendly. The mobile remake will still have the same ‘rune system’ and summoner spells that the original playerbase is familiar with.

Riot has released one other game within the last 13 years.  Mech vs Minions, a co-op board game that has players face off against marauding minions as they pilot characters with mechs, was a step in a whole new direction for them. In December, 2015, it was announced that Tencent had fully acquired Riot Games. Tencent Holdings. Now, both companies are working together to make a League of Legends adaptation for mobile devices. With the success Mobile Legends dominated the mobile gaming industry in Southeast Asia and now Riot Games want to capitalize on that, seeing that their main game, League of Legends, is much more popular over in the East than it is in the West. 

Ultimately this move could be an approach to expanding the player-base within the mobile-gaming scene in Asia, as having a mobile version will extend the longevity of their game. Even now, League of Legends has dominated the streaming scene as they constantly garner faithful viewers. With a mobile game, they could definitely get more attention and bring in even more players.