Despite some technical hiccups, the release of Teamfight Tactics has been a massive success, proving again that Riot is the best in the biz at building on good ideas. Unsurprisingly, a competitive scene is already forming around the newest auto battler. Following Liquid Steve’s announcement, we can only assume that every team in the West is searching for the best new players. 

Right now, one of the best players in the game right now is Rumay “Hafu” Wang, a former pro / streamer in games such as Hearthstone, Battlerite and World of Warcraft. She sat at the very top of the leaderboard after the closed beta and is still going strong, but her past success hasn’t always been acknowledged.


During her stream Hafu said “It’s kinda hard for girls to get respect in gaming in general,” then went on to explain the difficulties she faced with Blizzard not posting her rankings publicly, a choice that unsurprisingly enforced the bigotry she faced. “I’m just so thankful to Riot for posting it, it means a lot to me,” she went on, thanking the company for her well-deserved credit. 

There’s a world of opportunity for Hafu with Team Fight Tactic’s bright future, and we’re excited to see her take her confidence and gameplay to the next level along with all the credit she deserves.