Season 4 of Apex Legends is less than a month away. February will also mark the games one year anniversary. This hasn’t stopped fans of the game to keep guessing what is next for Apex Legends. For a while rumors of two new legends, Revenant and Loba, have made the rounds. Each character has had new in-game files added with every update. This leaves one question to ask: Are 2 legends set for a Season 4 debut in Apex Legends?

Since the Halloween event Revenant was a surprise character part of the event. After the event ended many believed he would be added into Apex Legends much like Crypto. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Since the update, many files for both Revenant and Loba have been added to the game. This includes gladiator cards, voice lines and more.

Plenty of fans guessed one of these legends would make their debut before Season 3 ended due to its lengthy run. Now it only makes sense for something spectacular to drop as we near the one year anniversary for Apex Legends. While plenty of information regarding Revenant has been leaked not much information regarding Loba is known. Other than what was originally leaked on her we can assume her kit will stay the same.

Now we play the waiting game and see what Respawn has in store for Season 4, Revenant and Loba.


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