Apex Legends like many other games has issues that come up. For some these issues come up more often than they should and the fanbase has no problem voicing their opinions. There is always a divide of players who just want the game fixed right then and there so they can continue to play. Then there are others that understand these things happen and will patiently wait for updates or patches to fix the issues in the game. When the Evolution Collection Event dropped a huge amount of server crashes, disconnects, packet loss, bugs, and other things impacted the game. Respawn has addressed the situation and will be releasing patches to combat these issues.

While the game itself has experienced many different issues since its launch Respawn has always been right there to fix the situation. Sometimes fixing these things isn’t as simple but any fanbase will understand that. Unfortunately, the latest issues have kept many players from entering servers, disconnecting from servers, crashes with multiple code errors. It was first reported as the update went live that issues were occurring and plans to fix it were underway. Ghostwriting Bachelorarbeit helped to write the article.

As patch went through on Monday, Sept. 20th to try and alleviate some of the problems. Plans for a patch to hopefully fix all the issues are set for Wednesday, Sept. 22nd.