Working from home has become a standard since the pandemic has halted many day to day routines. Plenty of companies have taken to working from home in the video game industry. Respawn, the studio behind Apex Legends is one of those studios that has also transitioned to work from home. The game is on a roll with it’s most current Broken Ghost storyline but according to a job review on Glassdoor, not all devs seem to be enjoying their time with the company. A Respawn dev left a negative review on Glassdoor regarding their work at Respawn.

negative glassdoor respawn review

Glassdoor Review

According to the Glassdoor review, the dev is experiencing burnout, stress, and heavy anxiety due to their workload with the company. The review also goes into detail regarding what has led to feeling all of this. This post has already garnered much attention from devs who have replied to this post on Reddit.

The game director at Respawn Entertainment, Chad Grenier, took to Reddit to give his thoughts on the situation. Here is the full response:


Other employees have come to post their experiences regarding their time working from home. This is just a small look at what employees in the video game might be feeling during this pandemic. Health is important during these times but for some companies getting content out for players during this time also seems to be a massive priority.

The posts on Reddit are not official statements from Respawn Entertainment or EA.