Since the launch of Season 3 in Apex Legends fans have been asking the same question. When is Kings Canyon returning to Apex Legends? Well, the wait is almost over. It was announced back before the launch of Season 4 that the fan-favorite map would make its return this season during the ranked split. However, it was announced on Twitter by Respawn that starting on the 21st-24th of February players will be able to play on the Season 1 version of Kings Canyon.

Although Kings Canyon will be available for a limited time it only gets us ready for the split. We were treated to Kings Canyon before with a night rendition of the map but there’s nothing like the original map. This gives players a chance to get in touch with Kings Canyon before the split. This also allows players a chance to test Crypto and Revenant on the original map.

If one thing is for certain it’s you can bet that Skull Town is going to be a hot drop. You can also bet that Caustic mains will be laying their traps in Bunker. With Kings Canyon returning during the midpoint of Season 4 do you think it’ll stay after the season ends? Or does Respawn have something up their sleeve for Season 5?


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