Counter-Strike Global Offensive is currently the most played game on steam with 588,507 players in-game as I’m writing this article. R6: Siege is sitting at a comfy 90,302 players, about a fifth of what CSGO reaches on a daily basis. This is how it’s always been for the past few years. RB6 has always lived in the shadow of CSGO. But things have been changing. Not so long ago Siege wasn’t even in the top 10 on Steam Charts. You should also keep in mind that steam only counts the number of players that are playing through their platform, meaning that Uplay users aren’t taken into account. The game just reached 50 million players this month and seems to be continuing growing at a rapid pace.


Players are flooding in from all over the world. The marketing strategy of adding free maps and new playable Operators that can be unlocked with a currency that you earn in-game by playing seems to be working.

Another big reason to why the game is growing the exciting competitive scene that’s attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world. Ubisoft hosts a lot of free weekends, sometimes even a free week, before or after these events. Jump on the hypetrain and become a part of RB6’s way to greatness.