It has been 341 days since the 2019 Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational. That is 11 Months 7 days, 8,184 hours, or 29,462,400 seconds, that is a lot of time! But, we are only now just under thirty days from the kick-off of the Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational 2020 held in the games home city of Montreal, Canada, at Place Bell. The teams are set, and the groups are ready, it is all just a waiting game at this point, but the road to SI has begun. Currently, in the build-up to the Six invitational LAN event, all 15 teams finished with qualification have been battling it out in season 11 of the R6 Pro League. On the non-pro player front, Ubisoft has just launched on January 15th; an in-game event called The Road to SI.

Road to SI Playable Event

The event includes a new playable map over the next five weekends leading up to SI 2020, along with a battle pass. 30% of the collected revenue from community battle pass purchases will go into the SI 2020 prize pool. No in-game purchases are necessary, and five weeks is plenty of time to complete all 35 tiers of the pass and claim all of the base rewards.

If you have deeper pockets, you can purchase the premium pass that includes prizes for all 35 tiers. Awards include R6 Credits, Alpha Packs, unique operator and weapon skins, and charms. All items are geared toward The Road to SI event and, in my opinion, are pretty legit, and a must-have for any R6 fan.

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I will not go into detail on the new map dubbed “The Stadium” included in the event. All I will say is that the map is very well designed and has very unique characteristics. Also, the map has some very familiar elements from the best maps currently in the game. Hats off to the Ubisoft R6 team on the creation of this event.

SI 2020 in game event details

Courtesy of Ubisoft


SI 2020 Groups

Groups A - D for SI 2020

Courtesy of SiegeGG

The “Group of Death”

In the post-match interview of PL season 11s week three matchup of Dark Zero vs E-United. Parker “INTERO” Mackay in talking with Matthew “HotandCold” Stevens of DZ stated that Group A is the “Group of Death.” Intero has dubbed it the G.O.D. for the Invitational because of the strong showing from Team Empire during season 10 pro league, and their victory at the Raleigh Majors. Additionally, Faze finished with a stable top 3 place in LATAM. Fnatic placed first in APAC (ANZ) with a whopping 16 points (the most points scored across all regions). Dark Zero placed first in the Standings for NA, but came up short in Japan finishing second NAVI at LAN.

How to attend

For the time being, one can only speculate what will happen at SI 2020. As for everyone wanting to attend the LAN event and be front and center for all of the action, all of the “Elite” Passes are sold out via the R6 website. The only pass available now is the “Operator” Pass. The operator pass includes:


-Unrestricted seating in the arena

-Six Invitational 2020 universal in-game charm

-All Twitch drop charms

Courtesy of Ubisoft

As of the time of this writing, the timeline for the Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational 2020 has yet to be released. Keep checking back here at Top10Esports-R6 for the latest on the 2020 Rainbow Six:

Siege Invitational, and all other R6 content.