Theme park

Theme Park is probably my least favorite map of the bunch. There are so many unused rooms that are only used as hiding spots for dark outfit Caverias. The amount of drone work you have to do is tedious and boring. Which is the main complaint about the map. It isn’t unfair; it’s just plain out boring to play on.


Hereford was infamous for being the worst map in ranked, by far. Watch ANY high ELO game on Hereford and you’ll understand why it’s so awful. Try to go up either of the stairs and you’ll get Lesion trapped until you go mentally deranged. If you ban Lesion the you still have Echo drones to worry about. The only other way to the top floor is the outside stairs and the balcony.

(Courtesy: Zironicdk via Twitch)

The stairs usually becomes a choke point if the defensive side has an echo and/or a lesion. Lesion and Echo can notify their teammates if there’s someone on stairs; letting their teammates hold the outside entrance without having to worry about a stairs rush. It’s an annoying, boring and stale map that’s too big for it’s own good.


Favela is notorious for it’s narrow hallways and outside angles. It seems like more time was put into the outside aesthetics rather than the actual map balance. The map feels unfair for on both sides. The amount of soft walls needs to be drastically decreased as the countless of times that you get killed (or kill someone) through them is preposterous.


If you’re a players that dislikes droning, then I have some bad news for you. Yacht is drone haven. It has way too many floors. You spend half the round droning and the worst thing is that you have to. There are so many rooms to hide in; making roaming extremely easy. Playing Mozzie while being on top floor is very strong. There’s only one staircase leading up to the 4th floor; Mozzie can easily cover that chokepoint by shooting one or two pests at the staircase. The only other entrance to the sites are from the outside.

(Courtesy: Koumayamamoto via Youtube)

Let’s bring up the elephant in the room: spawnpeeks. It’s an infamous part of the game that many players look down on. Personally, I enjoy spawnpeeks too a certain extent. I find enjoyment in figuring out new places to peek from and taking that early risk. However, I don’t enjoy getting spawnpeeked, and boy are there a lot of them on Yacht. Spawning Zodiac is a deathwish as there are three spots (that I know of) to peek from. Even if I enjoy using these spots, and killing people who use them, I must say that they’re not good for a competitive game.

What do you think? 

These are, of course, my personal opinions. What do you want? Believe it or not, game devs actually listens and adapts to what their community wants. Make sure to voice your opinion on different forums and get into discussions about your favorite game’s gamestate.