Group A:

Even if TSM lost we still saw some impressive play from the TSM squad when they took on Team Empire. Jason “Beaulo” Doty and Owen “Pojoman” Mitura had some pop off moments. Bryan “Merc” Wrzek also showed up huge, almost pulling off a 1v4 clutch! 

(Courtesy: ESL via Twitch)

However, there was some questionable decision made as they let Team Empire play on their favorite map, Clubhouse. TSM seem to have a few things to work on, but they look solid and will surely be contending for a quarterfinal spots.

A confident Nora-Rengo squad played against MIBR (Immortals). It was basically a 4v5 since Nora-Rengo had to sub in their Coach, Yasuhiro “kizoku” Nishi, because one of their player, Tsukasa “Merieux” Asano, due to Merieux being hospitalized. As expected, Nora-Rengo lost. They did put up a fight though, stealing a bunch of rounds and even a map from MIBR.

Group B:

The games weren’t as close in Group B’s matchups. G2 destroyed Cyclops, only dropping 4  rounds during the whole Bo3. MvP should go to Uuno as he hard carried on Villa, ending the game with a 15/4 K/D ratio. 

(Courtesy: ESL)

Team Secret vs Rogue ended 2-1 in Secret’s favor. The matchup was a lot closer than G2 vs Cyclops, but in the end Secret managed to get secure a comfortable win on Coastline.

Group C:

Group C might be the most interesting group. The NiP vs EG Matchup was extremely close with both games going to overtime. EG barely came out on top in both of the overtimes. Spacestation took down Giants (Looking For Org) 2-0. However, it should be noted that both maps were really close. It feels like anything can happen. Predicting who will advance to playoffs is practically impossible.

Group D:

FaZe had a rough time against ForZe. Even God seemed to be against them, that’s the only way to explain this nasty hipfire dropshot by Pavel “P4sh4” Kosenko:

(Courtesy: ESL via Twitch)

Even thought FaZe had God against them they managed to bring ForZe to map 3, where they eventually lost in overtime.

Darkzero had a pretty easy time against Fnatic, winning 2-0 on the maps Bank and Consulate. Fnatic start off well by taking a few rounds in the beginning of the maps, but later on they start snowball losing. Which is a problem they need to solve if they want to qualify for quarterfinals.


(Courtesy: ESL)

Shot Of The Day:

Shot of the day would go to P4sh4’s dropshot, but since light has already been shed on that clip I will choose another one. Take a look at this disgusting headshot wallbang from Danila “Dan” Dontsov.

(Courtesy: ESL via Twitch)

Tomorrows Schedule:

(Courtesy: ESL)

Today’s games have exceeded my expectations. Tons of great matchups and moments. You can look forward to more of this tomorrow in games like G2 vs Team Secret and Evil Geniuses vs Spacestation.