(Courtesy: ESL via Twitch)

Penta Enters The Kanto Region

Season 10 has been rough for both PENTA and G2 with both teams laying in the bottom of the standing struggling to find success. The match of the day was predicted to be a close one, but G2 had other plans. G2 dominated the game and fans finally got to see Juhani “Kanto” Toivonen and Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen fragging it out on Border. A comfortable 7-2 win for the fan favorites with a memorable interview to top it off.

(Courtesy: ESL via Twitch)

The Middle Thickens Up

The fight for top 3 continues in EU, with the exceptions of PENTA and GIFU. GIFU has only secured 1 point this season and was looking for their first win against Team Vitality, who went into this game with a solid score of 3-1-2. Team Vitality sub Teemu “stigi” Sairi showed no mercy on his Finish brothers, ending the game with 18 kills. GIFU may have lost, but at least they went out with a fight as they managed to steal 4 rounds from the French team. Vitality, NA’VI and G2 all won their games. This, combined with LSG tieing with Team Empire, makes the standing extremely close. Only 7 points differ between the 1st placed team, Team Empire, and 5th placed team, G2. 

Current Standings:

(Courtesy: ESL)

What Can We Expect To See In Matchday 8?

Team Empire and LSG will most likely hold their top 2 placements in the standings. These two teams are playing incredibly well and is clearly one step ahead of the other teams in the league. However, the teams have a bunch of time to improve seeing how the next matchday is in September. Will G2 finally step up and play the way their fans expect them to, and will Team Empire keep crushing their way through the season? It’s exciting to have such a close League compared to other Leagues such as ANZ and SEA. Everyone can beat everyone, predicting how the games will play out in September will be no easy task.