Royal Never Give Up (RNG) may have dominated Group A after going 8-0 in the first 4 days at MSI but it was Pentanet.GG (PGG) that broke records in the most dramatic fashion. Oceania has had a torrid time in international League of Legends tournaments in the past but today that changed. PGG chose Drake’s “Hold on, We’re are going home” as their team anthem. This was one of many things that demonstrated their character and expectations for the tournament. A team from Oceania has never progressed past the first stage at a major international tournament. For the first time in over 10 years of professional League of Legends, Pentanet.GG became the first Australian team to make it to the second stage of a major tournament. It was a brilliant finale to Group A in Reykjavík that came down to one final tiebreaker.

A crazy draft takes Pentanet.GG through at MSI

Australia’s Pentanet.GG looked almost certain to be the first team knocked out of MSI after losing their opening game against Russia’s Unicorns of Love (UOL.) However, they came back strong with a crazy draft to force the tiebreaker against Russia’s reigning champions. Pentanet.GG’s Chazz mid-laner had a heroic performance on an unorthodox Zed pick as he went 6-1-10 in their vital 23-5 win to force the tiebreaker. PGG’s Biopanther also had a brilliant game and ended it in style by emoting under Unicorns of Love’s nexus turret. Every player represented their region brilliantly. They grew stronger every game and took convincing back-to-back wins to make history on Day 4.

MSI 2021 League of Legends Pentanet.GG vs Unicorns of Love

Pentanet.GG pulled out a crazy draft in a vital game against Unicorns of Love. (Courtesy of Riot Games.)

A truly unique team

Their impressive performances won over fans from all over the world. You could see how much it means to all the players and their charismatic coaches. These players aren’t your typical professionals, they don’t have a plan for every possible outcome, and they have had nearly no practice. Their personality comes out in their playstyle. They embrace their underdog status and play with no fear. Pentanet.GG has a truly chaotic aggressive playstyle that caught Unicorns of Love out time and time again. This style also lead to a crazy 57 kill game against Royal Never Give Up (RNG.) Although RNG won yet again it demonstrated real courage from the underdogs.  They went full send in a brilliant game that had one of those most kills in MSI history. PGG is a team full of character that has done Australia proud in tough times for Oceanic Esports.

MSI League of Legends 2021 Pentanet.GG Pabu

Pentanet.GG’s jungler Pabu gave an iconic interview after the vital tiebreaker win.

A historic performance despite major setbacks

On the 7th of October 2020, Riot Games announced that the Oceanic Pro League would be dissolved due to high operating costs. They offered the players a lifeline stating they could play in North America’s League Championship Series without filling an import slot. But this was hardly compensation for players that have spent years getting to the top of their region. This news was a nightmare for Australian pro players and has significantly impacted Pentanet.GG’s preparation for MSI. As PGG’s Chazz revealed “We’re isolated here in Oceania, so we have no one to scrim really. After we won our finals we just had to play solo queue for weeks.” Not only did this charismatic team defy all odds to qualify they did so with hardly any practice. They had been helped out when Vietnam’s Gigabyte Marines pulled out of the tournament but it is an incredible achievement that their players and fans will cherish forever.

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