The dive meta has changed drastically over the seasons. Let’s take a look at how to adapt your style of play, as Winston, to deal with different scenarios.

1. Highground Drop

With this technique, you first get position on high-ground. Next you wait until the enemy team engages, and then drop behind them and initiate on the squishier back-line, preferably without using your leap.


This technique is great because, worst case scenario if you get low, you still have your leap ability off cool-down to escape. Best case scenario you disrupt the team and get picks and use leap to chase any stragglers.

The only issue with this is that you need to secure the high-ground and oftentimes that can be challenging. Another issue is that certain parts of maps don’t allow for this type of play-style. More often than not, you will find yourself using this technique on defence since its much easier to set up a high ground flanking position.

2. Flank

Flanking is one of the most underrated uses of Winston. How many times has it seemed impossible to engage the enemy because their front-line has too much damage or their snipers have an easy sight-line on you in the choke? In both scenarios usually you would be destroyed before you even get close enough to make an impact.

This is where the flank tactic comes in. What you do is take alternate pathing routes on a map in order to sneak around and engage their back-line. This will force their team to be split between supporting both sides and usually results in picks for your team.

Every map always should have a flank route. Once you take the route you can easily sneak up on someone in the back-line and engage them, again ideally saving your leap to chase or escape if the enemy team peels you off successfully.

3. Soft-Diving

Soft-diving it consists of diving into the enemy team with the expectation of falling back to cover once your shield and health starts getting low.

What exactly does this accomplish?

By diving into the enemy team you are drawing attention, cooldowns, and making space for your team to engage right after. Initially it doesn’t seem like it’s doing much but more often than not, it opens up the map for your team to capitalize on more opportunities.

This tactic is situational, map dependent, and it is very important that you have a means to fall back down to safety. Maps like Temple of Anubis, Watchpoint Gibraltar, and Horizon Lunar Colony are great for this. That being said, if they have a really strong bunker comp, it might not work so you need to evaluate whether or not it’s the correct call to use this tactic.

4. Diving Isolated Enemies

Pretty self explanatory and straightforward. If you see an enemy that is relatively far from their team you could dive them. Either you will be able to get the pick, or you should have leap off cool-down by the time their team comes to peel. This tactic, like soft-diving, requires a lot of enemy team comp and positional evaluation before executing since you won’t have leap immediately available to bail you out if you make the wrong decision.

You can check out the remaining Soft-Diving tip and full video here:

(All credit to OW_Kappachino)