Niantic is celebrating Pokemon Go’s fifth anniversary. It is a splendid time with another GO fest that had an electrifying end to what appears to be a situation that I did not care for, but the rest of the community complains about. The reversion of the Pokestop distance.

Rayquaza Raid; Chicago Pokemon Go fest 2021

The Reasoning

During the Covid-19 pandemic, things had to change. People were locked indoors which made it hard to get the basic pokestop a trainer would need for their weekly “log in” or so to speak. Niatic thought of a brilliant idea and increased the range a trainer could reach pokestops and gyms so they may do so without the risk of infecting others. It was a great day for trainers to play and still maintain a good social distance.

Pokemon Go from Nightray24 in the basic layout

The range was still increased as well as the effectiveness of incense until July 31, 2021, where they reverted everything to how it used to be. With States and businesses more open and the mask mandate slightly lifting, there seemed to be no need for the distance and people were once again walking around as seen at this year GO fest.

The people on the other hand became outraged. Social media is exploding with messages and tweets saying how ‘unfair’ Niantic is being or that ‘Niantic does not listen to the community’. These types of lashing out is the, shall I say it, laziest responses I had ever heard.

Pokemon Psyduck Pokestop meme

The Ranting Opinion from a Veteran Trainer


I have been playing Pokemon Go since it began back in 2016 and love it. I believe Niantic made the right move to revert the pokestop range.

The game is titled Pokemon GO. I believe GO means to walk and move around and that was the goal of this game. A portable Pokemon game where people can leave the house and explore the outside with the help of some Pokemon. Making it easier to gain stops is nice yes, but the replies and what people are saying sound lazy to me. I can understand disabilities, but I was given a trainer spotlight of a boy in a wheelchair when the distance was not increased.

Meme from Pokemon Go and how it should be

Niantic is just like us. A company who tries to listen but even they wanted it back to normal. The memes of the situation are circulating and it just makes it worse. I had read a post from someone who had played the same amount of time and got to level 50 wanting to boycott the game for the handicap being removed, it made no sense to me.

When that trainer played like I had back when it was glitching, it did not matter how hard I would try, I would keep walking to earn those Pokestops.

The Overall Results


I have heard some trainers have been wanting to boycott the game on August 5, 2021. They want to do this just because they want to get to Pokestops easier. Since this is an opinions piece I believe these trainers are being lazy. They do not like taking an extra step to get to the Pokestop. This on its own makes me irritatesd because the world is slowly coming back to normal. With the amount of people at GO fest, there should not be a need for the extension of Pokestop radius.  Humans have legs, learn to use them.


This is once again an opinion piece. These are my opinions so take them as you will.

Nightray24 Pokemon Go