It seems that the more patches that come out for Apex the more data miners go digging for unreleased content in the games files. It just so happens That1MiningGuy is on a hot streak when it comes to finding out more of that unreleased content to share with all of us and what was his findings this time? Leaks are showing that we may be getting the ‘Volt’ SMG into the Apex Games.

It’s no surprise that a new gun, let alone an energy SMG, is in the works to join the game seeing as the last two guns added were the Havoc rifle and the L-Star. Let us remind you, you can only acquire the L-Star from care package drops, and it was about time we got an energy SMG included into the game.

Model render of the Volt via That1MiningGuy

Discussions among the community have mentioned that this may not be the Volt but in fact the CAR or these were just leftovers from Titanfall since some of the assets were used for Apex Legends however the data miner assured us this was no mistake and will indeed be a new gun in the game.

While all these leaks can be subject to change it’s now a waiting game to see if the ‘Volt’ will keep its name or if a rename is in its future just like some of the other weapons in the game, for instance, the ‘R-201’ being renamed into the ‘R-301’.

Season 3 of Apex Legends hasn’t officially been announced but rumors are pointing to an October release yet with leaks about added weapons, more attachments, evolving armor, new champions and a more competitive ranked system we can only hope next season tops the current Season 2 of the Apex Games.