Minecraft has been a video game staple for the last couple of years for its ingenuity in it’s simplistic, yet interesting design. With periodic updates, it’s no wonder this game has a large, dedicated player base. And now, there is a huge update coming to the game’s desolate and warm biome, the Nether.

New Biomes!

To begin with, the developers have added a few new biomes to the Nether. The Crimson Forest is, as the name would suggest, a forest that is made up of red fungi that act as the biome’s trees. The Warped Forest is another type of forest that has a dark blue fog that fills the atmosphere. And the third, and final biome, is the Soulsand Valley, which is just an open space made up of soul sand, and a new block; soul soil. Fossils are aplenty here.

New Mob!

A new mob will be introduced in the Nether update, and it’s the aggressive ‘Hoglin.’ This mean tusked mob has a chance to drop some sort of food source and can be bred if need be.

Greedy and gruesome looking, our first look at a Zombiefied Piglin (Images via Mojang)

Zombie Pigmen are also getting a new redesign, and are called “Zombified Piglins.” Unlike their previous counterpart, they are hostile to you and other mobs, and have small posts around the Nether called bastions. However, like pirates, Zombified Piglins have a thirst and hunger for gold. Wearing gold armor (and, thus flexing your wealth) will allow you to, not only fly under the radar of Piglins but will allow you to barter with the piglins. Unlike trading, it’s safe to assume that there will be some sort of back and forth with these gold loving hogs.

Better endgame items?

A new obtainable endgame set of armor and tools can be crafted with the new update that’s to come. Netherite, which can be created by combining Netherite Scrap (which is just smelted Ancient Debris) and gold ingots, is incredibly powerful. It’s lava proof (meaning it won’t burn if you fall in lava by accident), have higher enchantment values, and can work faster/last longer/do more damage than traditional diamond tools. This endgame item gives more purpose to the Nether and now justifies hoarding gold ingots.


The first snapshot for 1.16 is really exciting as it’s a lot of content for an early snapshot. If you want to read more, whether it’s about what the biomes are like or how Knockback scale now, you can read about it here!