SBMM, or skill-based matchmaking, has been the hot topic among the Apex Legends community as of late. SBMM in Apex Legends has also caused a good amount of the player base to lose interest in the casual side of the game. Ranked already had an SBMM system in place when it debuted but fans are more displeased with it in pubs. Plenty of arguments on whether gameplay has improved or made it harder for casual players of the game have made their way online. Those arguments can now have an insight as new information regarding SBMM in Apex Legends has been leaked.

Popular data miner That1MiningGuy took to Twitter today regarding information he found about SBMM. This is what he found:

Little was known about SBMM other than it didn’t have to do with your ranked account and it was based on gun metrics. Thanks to That1MiningGuy we get more of an insight into how SBMM in pubs actually works.

Based on the code found there is a lot more to SBMM than some would have guessed. Many players already new Win % and Stats would play a huge factor in your matchups but Fastest Win and Challenges completed are a curveball.

Now that this new information has been leaked what are you new opinions regarding SBMM in Apex Legends? Do you still think that it should be removed from pubs or is there more fine-tuning needed for it to work in Apex Legends?