Reddit is a great place for the community of Apex Legends to share ideas. The /r/apexlegends subreddit is filled with a great amount of creators that think of their own concepts for the game. One Redditor by the name of /u/designty has come up with his own idea for a new character known as ‘Rogue’.

Image via Reddit (/u/designty)

Rogue’s Abilities

  • Passive: Do-or-die – Move faster while healing or taking Ring damage, and can use Ziplines, Tactical, and Ultimate while downed.
  • Tactical: Escape Hatch – Can create a personal temporary doorway allowing you to phase through things such as walls, floors or ceilings. (Compatible surfaces indicated on cursor)
  • Ultimate: Exit Strategy – Deploy a 4-sided particle shield that protects you as you move. Big enough to provide cover for teammates. (Weapons are stowed during use)

Looking at Rogue’s abilities he definitely takes some inspiration from a number of characters. His phase being taken from Wraith and his shield being taken from Gibraltar. However his ultimate is much more reminiscent of a leaked character known as Rampart that has a shield as well that covers teammates.

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Rogue is a well thought out character. Simple yet effective for a map like Worlds Edge. While he only is a concept seeing a character like him join Apex Legends would be interesting. We are still waiting for Revenant and Loba to make their debut in the Apex Games. While character concepts like Rogue are getting the community talking we can only hope to see someone like him in Apex Legends soon.