Apex Legends has had a fair share of bugs in its game that gets the fans talking. From Crypto’s drone bugs that allowed Pathfinder’s grapple and Gibraltar’s dome to attach to it to Wraith’s infinite phasing. More bugs have been addressed like the current Crypto bug that allows players to scan enemies with the legends drone and gain RP off it in ranked. No other bug is more frustrating right now that the bug that allows Bangalore to become invisible.

TSM player ImperialHal had some choice words for players abusing the glitch on Twitter. “If u use the invis bang glitch u are a piece of s**t that doesn’t deserve to play Apex.”

It was reported that the Officer Williams skin for Bangalore is causing the bug. However, it seems players are also reporting other skins doing the same for the legend. Here is a clip from Reddit user SzyjeCzapki showing the bug in-game.

You can clearly see the glasses from the skin while many players report only being able to see the head of the legend and sometimes her arm. The bug has been reported but no official word from Respawn has been made addressing the bug. We can be sure that the devs are keeping a close eye on the community and working on a resolution for the bug.


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Rogue is a well thought out character. Simple yet effective for a map like Worlds Edge. While he only is a concept seeing a character like him join Apex Legends would be interesting. We are still waiting for Revenant and Loba to make their debut in the Apex Games. While character concepts like Rogue are getting the community talking we can only hope to see someone like him in Apex Legends soon.