Get ready to be hit with some nostalgia because everyone’s favorite childhood game is being brought to mobile! Nintendo has recently announced the release of a mobile remake of it’s biggest racing game. Titled as Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo plans to have it released on the 25th September. 

The game has been released in closed beta to certain countries but from gameplay footage, it seems that Nintendo is keeping popular characters such as Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and more in the mobile game. Nintendo’s mobile game will definitely be tugging at the heartstrings of anyone who’s owned a Nintendo 64 or Nintendo DS.

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As for the gameplay, Nintendo will be streamlining the game a smoother mobile experience. The player will automatically be moving with the player controlling the direction by swiping left or right with certain items such as invincible stars will be used automatically. Players will have the ability to drift, drop bananas and boost their way towards the finish line just like other recent Mario kart games.

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Nintendo hasn’t announced how they will market the game however, it’s safe to assume that there are two options microtransactions or a one-off payment. There have been speculations of Nintendo allowing players to go through a trial version before making a one-off payment of £10 for full access of the mobile game. Although this is a viable way to market the game there’s also the possibility of certain karts, bikes track only available through microtransactions and this route has been successful for. 

Nintendo has already established a fan base and with it’s most popular game being brought to the mobile platform there’s a large amount of hype as well as expectations for the up and coming game. So, get your bananas ready because it’s time to smoke some people from the comfort of your own phone!



When is it coming out: 25th September

What platforms will it be available to: Both Android and IOS

Payment Method: To be announced.