Rogue go undefeated in first ever LEC superweek, routing Excel Esports, Misfits Gaming, and Schalke 04 for a clean 3-0 start to the 2020 Summer Split. Rogue Bottom Laner Steven “Hans Sama” Liv, Jungler Kacper “Inspired” Słoma, and Mid Laner Emil “Larssen” Larsson picked up Kia Motors Player of the Game respectively for the three matches. 

Saturday: Rogue vs Excel

In the first game against Excel, Rogue drafted and successfully piloted a front to back team fight composition.  An early lane swap and top lane priority saw Rogue secure Herald and ensuing First Blood Tower, getting Hans Sama’s Aphelios snowballed early. With an early lead, Rogue was able to secure Dragon Soul. After getting a pick on Excel Joran “Special” Scheffer’s Yasuo, Rogue secured the Baron Buff and pressured Excel into their own base, ending the game.

Sunday: Rogue vs Misfits

The second game was a one-sided affair. Inspired’s Rek’sai made its presence known across the map. A successful Level 3 bottom lane gank and mid lane counter gank translated into a commanding 3-0 kill lead for Rogue. Unable to respond to Rogue’s tempo and teamfight power, Excel’s scaling champions were unable to prevent the Nexus from falling. 

Inspired had these choice words to say about his performance against Misfits.

Monday: Rogue vs Schalke

The final game of the week against Schalke was a nail biter. Larssen’s Orianna played a pivotal role, hitting massive multi-champion Shockwaves to turn teamfights. Larssen’s stellar play spurred Rogue to overcome a three Drake deficit. This allowed the team’s Ezreal-Yuumi botlane to come online and win the game.

Rogue has been improving as team since LEC’s inception. After beginning the 2019 season in last place, they improved to a 5th place finish in both the 2019 Summer Split and the 2020 Spring Split. Rogue’s  3-0 start may just be the momentum they need to challenge for a spot at this year’s Worlds. 


Rogue’s performance, however, will be tested next week by G2 Esports. A win against the defending champions will cement Rogue as a top team in the league this season. Tune in to the official LEC broadcast to watch Rogue’s upcoming matches.