Hyper Scape is a game that has seemingly come out of nowhere. The Ubisoft first-person shoot battle royale is fast-paced and exciting. You still have till July 7th to get access to the beta launch so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the list of weapons we got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Hyper Scape’s weapons.

hyperscape gameplay

Hyper Scape

The list of weapons is small but perfectly easy to remember. Let’s go over them.

  • D-Tap – This pistol is underpowered pistol but will most likely get the job done off of spawn.
  • Riot One – A gun mostly compared to the Wingman in Apex is a strong gun but still weaker compared to other weapons in the game.
  • Komodo  – The weaker of two rocket launchers in the game but effective in early game fights.
  • Skybreaker – The more powerful of the rocket launchers in the game. It releases an orb of energy. It is slow and easy to get around but does the job when the orbs land their mark.
  • Salvo EPL – A grenade launcher that is devastating in close encounter fights but less so in mid to long-range engagements.
  • Mammoth MK 1 – A pump-action shotgun and the only shotgun in the game. It is great for close-range fights.
  • Ripper – Your standard assault rifle and the only one in the game. It is great for all range fights acting as an SMG in close range but a proper assault rifle in mid/long-range fights when you need it.
  • Hexfire – An LMG that is great for spraying down enemies in close range fights. While it’s hard to control long-range the more you fuse it for late-game the more devastating it is.
  • Protocol V – The only sniper in the game. A max fusion this is hands down the strongest weapon in the game as it is a one-shot one kill weapon.

So there is your list of weapons but you might be confused as to why you fuse weapons. Well, the simple answer is in order to upgrade your weapons damage and mag size you fuse together the same weapons to upgrade them. The same goes for abilities. Now that you know about all the weapons in the game it’s time to jump into the Hyper Scape, but before you do, check out Hyper Scape abilities!

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