For the past few weeks, Season 9 of Apex Legends is already a highly anticipated season. When devs confirmed that more Titanfall content would be making its way to Apex it had fans hyped. Now even more confirmations for Apex Legends Season 9 have been confirmed. On Twitter it has no been confirmed there will be big changes coming to Lifeline.

Lifeline rework confirmed by Lead Game Designer from r/ApexUncovered

Thanks to Reddit user u/Ocho064 we were given all the things that Daniel Klein, Leader Game Designer for Apex Legends, announced for Lifelines upcoming changes. One of the biggest things is the removal of her res shield along with buffs to her ultimate and tactical.

Apex Legends Lifeline Doc Res Shield

Apex Legends – Lifeline

Lifeline has been a consistently strong and fan-favorite legend since the launch of the game. While Lifeline has had a few changes in the past most have been a bit game-changing. One of the biggest changes in the past was to her shield when reviving players. At first Lifeline’s shield would go up when she went to revive a player. Later on, that would be changed to be a protective shield which Lifeline wasn’t involved in the reviving animation. Now that res shield is being removed altogether which is a huge change for Lifeline mains.

This is really an interesting move to remove Lifeline’s shield. Most of the time stuff like this ties into the future of how Apex Legends is played much like when grenades were reduced to nonstackable items. This change made way for players to utilize that feature again with Fuse. It will be interesting to see how this change for Lifeline plays out in Season 9 of Apex Legends.