To be a successful Teamfight Tactics player you need strategy, forethought and adaptability. In this week’s article, we’ll be covering how to position your units to steal that Number 1 spot! 


So, without further ado, let’ learn to position in TFT, Level Up! 


The Early Game (Levels 3-5)

With a limited amount of champions space available, you have to keep your carries safe. So listed below are a few crucial positions you should remember.


3 Champions –

The Diagonal Line:

The diagonal line is a small front-to-back formation. By sandwiching your carry with a tank at a front and a pseudo-carry at the back it’ll give your carry the much-needed space to do the DPS. This formation gives a small amount of protection from assassins and is well-balanced.


The Pyramid:

The Pyramid is a classic Front-back setup. By placing your tanks in front of your carry it’ll have the space to rain down hell upon your opponent’s board. But, be careful and make sure to scout for assassins, in that case, use the Diagonal Line. Great front-line if you’ve got an early carry with an item or two!


4 Champions –

Y Formation: 

The Y-formation is well… It’s the letter Y. This is an addition to our diagonal line but, we have extra protection from assassins and more DPS. If  you have double ranged units then I suggest corner stacking your formation like so:

However, if you’re running 3 melee units then this one would be more suitable. Have you secondary melee Dps next to your carry like so:

The Box:

If you have 2 really tanky front-line units with 2 ranged carries then I suggest you create a box. This is a basic formation which gives good protection and is generally useful if your opponents aren’t running assassins.

Three to One:

Let’s say you got a really good gunslinger opening. Maybe, a Graves with a Redbuff and 2 knights. Then the 3 front-line 1 backline formation will be really deadly. If your opponents are running assassins, well your Tristana is really exposed but other than that it’s a very strong position if you’re running good early game units.


5 Champions –

In-complete Pyramid:

You’re running 3 ranged-carries and 2 front-line. This position will protect your important carry from Blitzcrank’s and give some space to those pesky assassins. 


Three to two:

Just like the three-to-one, you’re adding a carry at the back. This was very popular if you were transitioning into Gunslinger Blademasters a patch ago. It’s still very useful if you’re running 2 ranged carries! However, if you see a Blitzcrank sandwich your important carry to make sure it doesn’t get hooked!



It’s a pretty balanced formation. If you’ve stacked one unit this formation will keep it relatively safe from Blitzcrank pulls and assassins, however, gunslingers will blow you up!

That’s it for this weeks article. These are some strong and versatile positions for the early-game when you only have a handful of champions. In next week’s article we’ll be going in-depth on late-game positioning.


May the rolls ever be in your favour!