Riot Games’ newest game mode Team Fight Tactics is quickly becoming one of the most popular games on Twitch. In this article we’ll be covering some fundamentals you should understand and master to take your game the upper edge. Without further ado… It’s time to Level Up!


Teamfight Tactics & Economy:

Managing economy is one of the most crucial skills of TFT so it’s important to understand this aspect of the game first. Nothing bad ever comes with having more money right? There are 3 individual properties that make up your economy: Base Gold, Win/Loss Streaks and Interest and yes that’s right interest and no, don’t worry it’s not as complicated as real-world finance.


Base Gold: Your base goal is a predetermined amount of gold you get at the end of the round no matter what and this increases until round 5.

Starting from Round 2 you receive 2 gold, which will increase by 1g each round until round 5. After round 5 you will receive 5g per round (Excluding bonuses).

Win/Loss Streaks: You gain bonus gold for going on Win/Loss Streaks.

Interest, this is the most important aspect of economy management. Interest in TFT is paid for every 10 gold you save up at the end of the round, this increases up until 50. So, if you have 20 gold banked you will gain an additional 2 gold at the end of the round.

It is crucial that you are able to build up as much interest as you can without falling far behind. Building interest allows you to hit the 50g mark meaning you’ll hit the breakpoint of TFT economy. Once you hit this coveted 50g breakpoint you can spend anything above it without having to worry about gold management. And, more gold means: more re-rolls, more champions and potentially an extra unit or two by leveling up your Little Legend… So make sure you build up that interest!

Economy in TFT is vital to being successful by knowing when to spend and when to save is important. Here is a few tips on economy management:

  1. If you have units ‘banked’ that you know you aren’t going to keep, sell the units to hit the interest mark… trust me it’s more beneficial in the long run!
  2. iI it looks like you’re not going to survive or, take a lot of damage spend as much gold as you need to in order to stabilise your current team composition.
  3. Grab some solid early-game units at the start of the game to create a win streak and to build a health lead to ‘cushion’ any damage you might take later.

If any of you are Starcraft 2 fans then economy management is like drones to a Zerg player. Save for that interest but don’t die for it!


Champion Stars:

Champion Stars determine the level and strength of your champion. At first, all champions will begin with 1-star. You can upgrade your champion(s) by getting 3 of the same unit transforming them into a 2-star unit. Lastly, to attain a 3-star unit you will need three 2-star units and this is the highest rank you can attain.

Now how does this help with your game?

In the early game (Levels 1-4) having more champions that are 2-stars is more beneficial than having a team synergy of 1 star champions. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t synergise your team at all but, if you can fit your higher ranked champions into your early game roster, you’ll be more successful on the battlefield. Not only does building early tier units let you create a win streak, winning early means you’ll have health high for the later stages of the game and, in this current META the early game dictates your mid-late game. 

Securing high-ranking early game champions such as Garen, Nidalee, Khazix, Darius and Lucian/Vayne will get your early-game off to a solid start to creating a mid-game team.


Champion Synergies:

Each champion has various classes or origins and, by acquiring a certain number of these champion(s) you’ll reward with useful game-changing buffs. Champion synergies matter more during the mid-late stages of the game so when your Little Legend is around level 4-9, you should be thinking about how you transition into a more cohesive team composition.

Below, I’ll list some very powerful team compositions but I urge you to become adaptable in TFT. Flexibility in TFT will be the key to your success since the cards will not always roll in your favour.  

Strong compositions as of patch 9.15 (In no particular order):

Courtesy of


Unit Positioning:

Unit positioning is one of the most overlooked aspects of TFT and with little you can do once the battle begins learning how to manipulate and position your units will lead to you becoming more consistent and with all things in life, consistency is the key to success.

The front-back setup is the bread and butter of TFT and the most basic concept of unit positioning. Playing front-back is where you position your ranged carries behind your bulky frontline for protection giving them the space to DPS the enemy team.

However, it’s best to position differently with champions such as Blitzcrank or those pesky assassins we all love to hate. When playing against any assassin it is important for you to place your carry in the middle of the team or place a tankier member at the hex where the carry usually is. This not only protects your carry from the tricky Blitzcrank hooks but by placing champions such as Morgana or Cho’gath at the back neutralises the assassins by locking them down or giving the carries some time to DPS.

But, if you are playing a team comp of assassins it’s best to position your non-assassin champion in the hex furthest away from your opponent. This will draw the front-line of the enemy towards your tanks and create the space necessary for your assassins to nuke the squishy carries at the back!

In the video down below, the blitzcrank pulls the Yasuo whilst the front-line assassins target the backline.


This is also important for items such as Zephyr. Below Youtuber LotharHS, describes the effectiveness of positioning of playing with and against the Zephyr and how the more subtle nuances of TFT can help improve your game.

[All images are sourced through League of Legends owned by Riot Games ]

[Youtube Video by LotharHS]

Stay tuned for the next Level Up! post where I’ll be covering some basic economy strategies. May the rolls ever be in your favour.