As the playoffs for the LEC rear its head around the corner, viewers begin to see which teams are forming a strong lead and will, most likely, have a chance to compete in Worlds this year against the other teams that placed well in their regions. And, with G2 Esports completely dominating the playing field at the Midseason Invitational (MSI), teams from the European region are considered the best in the world at the moment. Now, we wait to see which teams have a fighting chance to represent their region at Worlds. Here are some quick notes of this week’s games:


Teams of the LEC are not known for drafting meta picks and playing 40-minute slugfests. They’re known for their interesting playstyle and even more interesting picks. This was showcased in Fnatic’s game against Team Vitality, where Martin “Rekkles” Larsson put Garen in the bot lane. Garen, with Zdravets “Hylissang’ Galabov on Yuumi, was a force to be reckoned with. Fnatic dominated their game against Team Vitality, winning with 22 kills in total, 9 of them going to Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau, who was on Jayce.

G2 Esports

Now, let’s talk about the ‘memeory’ that took place with G2 Esports. Now, admittedly, G2 Esports has been quite the confident team over this entire split and have run some interesting champions. At MSI, they drafted Zed and Yuumi in the bot lane against North America’s Team Liquid. So, against Misfits Gaming, G2 Esports ran Soraka top with Smite and won, showcasing why they’re the top team in EU right now. Admittedly, though, they have had some slip-ups (picking Garen off of a fan sign, for example), but they really played well this time. For those who are interested, Wunder didn’t get any kills but landed 11 assists out of the 22 kills G2 Esports had gained in that game, giving him a 50% KP record.

Team Vitality

Team Vitality, had a rough week, getting 0-2’d this time around. They’re still in the competition for 4th, but currently are tied against Origen in terms of rankings and have to win the next 3 games and Schalke has to lose the next 3 in order to snag fourth place. Admittedly, there seems to be a lot of problems for Team Vitality, though, as they struggle to transform their leads into wins. Their game against SK Gaming was rough, but still winnable, as Vitality was able to teamfight well against SK Gaming. They simply were snowballed out of the game, leading to their defeat against SK Gaming, before they were utterly humiliated by Fnatic.


T1. G2 Esports (14-2)

T2. Splyce Vipers (12-4)

T2. Fnatic (12-4)

T4. Schalke 04 (9-7)

T5. Origen (7-9)

T5. Team Vitality (7-9)

T7. Rogue (6-10)

T8. SK Gaming (5-11)

T9. Excel Esports (4-12)

T9. Misfits Gaming (4-12)


 Next Week’s Games

Friday, August 16th

  • Team Vitality vs Misfits Gaming
  • Excel Esports vs SK Gaming
  • Splyce Vipers vs Fnatic
  • Rogue vs Origen
  • G2 Esports vs Schalke 04

Saturday, August 17th

  • G2 Esports vs Excel Esports
  • Splyce Vipers vs Misfits Gaming
  • Fnatic vs Rogue 
  • Schalke 04 vs Team Vitality
  • Origen vs SK Gaming