As we inch closer to the playoffs for the LEC Summer finals, more problems are being brought to center stage as G2 Esports take the lead. Excel Esports, while most likely not seeing the playoffs, has also been making waves with their upset against a certain snake. Let’s Recap:

G2 Esports

G2 Esports has had an interesting week, to say the least, going 1-1 in terms of record this week. That’s right. And it was completely unexpected as well, as they had locked in Garen during the first game. To top it all off, they picked Garen because of a fan sign, asking them to play it. This did not pay off in their favor as they ended up being absolutely crushed by Vitality, giving up 18 kills and ending with a 14.3k gold deficit. 

While G2 Esports didn’t exactly play to their potential in their game against Vitality, they are known for absolutely destroying competition whenever necessary. And they did exactly that in their second game, ending the 24-minute game with 18 kills to 8 deaths in total against Fnatic. A lot of the praise goes to Rasmus “Caps” Winther, who completely dominated the mid lane against Fnatic Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek. 


The Vipers have been going quite strong over the last week, but they too have had a slight fall from grace. And, arguably, it was worse than G2 Esports, as they had lost against last place Excel Esports. Still, they had rounded out the week with a 1-1 record and currently are fighting Fnatic for second place at the moment. 

Photo courtesy of LoL Esports Photos via Flickr.

Splyce’s loss may boil down to just being outmatched by Excel Esports. Marek “Humanoid” Brázda could have played Sylas just a little bit better against Son “Mickey” Young-min’s Irelia. Mickey’s lead snowballed the game, earning him 7 kills to 1 death by the end of the game. Viper’s Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup and Tore “Norskeren” Eilertsen could have played their match up a little better, as they were simply out skilled by the enemy bot laner. For them to prove themselves to the world that they are a force to be reckoned with, they need to show that they can easily take on teams on the lower end of the bracket. 


Things are looking fairly rough for Fnatic, as they struggle to put themselves above G2 Esports. With such a strong lead, it seems fairly rough for Fnatic to continue on with facing the other teams on the higher end of the leaderboard. They haven’t played a game against the Vipers in a few weeks (which they lost anyway), which means they’ll struggle to distinguish themselves from Splyce. Right now, between Splyce and Fnatic, they need to fight for second to even get a chance against G2 Esports.


Team Vitality has been putting a lot of pressure on the leaderboard, as they were the only team to go 2-0 this week. And they were both very satisfying wins. One of them was against Splyce Vipers and the other was against Excel Esports, both games that were exciting to watch with satisfying ends. If Vitality continues on this patch, they have a good chance at the Playoffs, so it wouldn’t be fair to sign them off just yet. They evened out their record, now with 7-7 overall record, at 5th place and right below Schalke 04, who sits at 4th. 


T1. G2 Esports (12-2)

T2. Splyce Vipers (10-4)

T2. Fnatic (10-4)

T4. Schalke 04 (8-6)

T5. Team Vitality (7-7)

T6. Rogue (5-9)

T9. Excel Esports (4-10)

T9. Misfits Gaming (4-10)

T9. SK Gaming (4-10)


Next Week’s Games

Friday, August 9th

  • Schalke 04 vs Misfits Gaming
  • SK Gaming vs Team Vitality
  • G2 Esports vs Rogue
  • Excel Esports vs Fnatic
  • Splyce Vipers vs Origen



Saturday, August 10th

  • Schalke 04 vs Rogue
  • SK Gaming vs Splyce Vipers
  • Origen vs Excel Esports
  • Misfits Gaming vs G2 Esports
  • Fnatic vs Team Vitality